Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Projects in Small Town Main Streets and Historic Districts

Capitalizing Managing and Marketing Tourism and Environment Projects
The Successful Implementation of Projects in one or more local areas rests on a clear plan to develop and implement a commercial strategy as well as the identification and application of the capital and human resources required.
A Commercial Strategy with Economies of Scale Revenue Based Funding and Sharing
A Key Objective is to achieve some measure of economies of scale in small towns and rural communities through the application of a team effort across multiple communities that share in the marketing and sales effort as well as revenue generating and sharing. More
Business Philosophy develop, fund and manage sustainable tourism, environmental and community economic development projects in selected communities in collaboration with local partners.
Mission create new sustainable wealth and economic opportunities in a community by: Improving local knowledge and expertise, Ensuring accountability and responsibility by participants, Educating clients about our communities to ensure respect for local values and traditions, Utilizing market forces to achieve economies of scale and purchasing power, Developing markets for products and services, Focusing on sustainable projects in tourism, energy efficiency and water resources, Generating capital resources for small enterprises, Partnering with local government to reach into a community,
A Local Collective Multidisciplinary Public and Private Sustainable Community Economic Development Program on Tourism and Environment Projects that create New Entrepreneurial Opportunities
Local a project made specifically for your community that draws on the history, traditions and talents that are unique to your town and region.
Collective a multidisciplinary approach that rests on the following income creating pillars:
Education and Training; Water Conservation and Management; Energy Savings and Creation Programs;
Travel Related Services and Local Typical Products.
Private and Public drawing on the resources, expertise and vantage points of both in a carefully constructed partnership that is unique to the culture, values and needs of your territory.
Entrepreneurial the freedom to be creative, to try something new, and to succeed!
Sustainable quality skills that empower individuals in the community in respect of the environment
Where history and culture, knowledge and learning, local citizens and visitors, the past and the future can come together and, building on past achievements, create new opportunities.
Self-Finance In Kind Payments Revenue Based Funding and Sharing
Local Area Special Purpose Vehicles - SPVs - are Independent of each other but benefit from Economies of Scale generated by a Joint Marketing and Management Project thus addressing a Key Problem that prevents the Resurgence of America’s Main Streets and Historic Districts in Small Towns.
Project Targets small commercial, retail and office buildings as well as museums and entertainment venues located in historic districts and main streets of towns and suburban areas with a population of 100 thousand or less that have a history as manufacturing, agricultural and/or river, canal, coastal, rail and lake transport hub communities.
Utilization purchase and/or lease of energy efficiency and water resources equipment, parts and related software, legal and accounting services, social media, traditional marketing and advertising, specialized consulting in community planning, architecture and design and training services.

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