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The Carlo Gajani Foundation Paintings Photographs Books Self Portraits and Exhibitions

The Carlo Gajani Foundation is tasked with making available the artist’s paintings and photographic collections through exhibitions and the establishment of an archive. It also assists young artists in various ways, especially those working in the field of photography.

Biography Carlo Gajani was born in 1929 in Bazzano, on the outskirts of Bologna. He studied piano at the Bologna Conservatoire, while also pursuing classical studies. He subsequently enrolled in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Bologna and practiced medicine for 15 years. In 1964 he was invited to show at the Venice Biennale; and again in 1972. That year he began teaching Artistic Anatomy at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino, and then in Bologna, where he taught until his retirement in 1999. 

He was one of the first artists in Italy to confront the problem of the relationship between portraiture and photography. From the 1980's onward he dropped painting in favor of photography, in portraiture, landscape and nude. He worked on the urban landscapes of North America. In Italy, he "explored" the Po valley in a patient, loving search for a world no longer in existence save in phantasy. In his own studio and at the Academy he pursued a twenty-year work of the “nude”, and the intriguing relationship between photographer and model.

Travel Gajani traveled to China, Australia and America returning with images and stories.
Books published include:
Il chiodo in testa La Nuova Foglio Editrice Macerata 1974
Ritratto, identità, maschera La Nuova Foglio Editrice Macerata 1976
La bottega dei mimi La Nuova Foglio Editrice Macerata 1977
Il posto delle fragole ZeLEdizioni Treviso 2013

Personal and Collectives Exhibitions between 1959 and 2015 there have been over 35 personal exhibits of Gajani’s works in Bologna, Florence, Naples, Milan, Rome, Paris and New York. A nearly equal number of collective exhibitions have also taken place in Europe and North America between 1962 and 1996.

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The Game of Thrones in Croatia

Game of Thrones is a world of its own, a fantasy realm with a rich, detailed history and iconography that captivates you and makes you feel an integral part of its vivid storyline. No wonder Croatia was chosen as a crucial filming location for the fourth season of the show, since its history reaches far into ancient times, and its architecture and monuments speak of eras long gone. We are thrilled to offer you a completely authentic Game of Thrones experience in Croatia.
Day 1 Split arrival to the Split Airport. Transfer to the hotel, check in and free time in the afternoon. Dinner at the hotel restaurant.
Day 2 Šibenik the New Throne. Transfer to Šibenik whose fortified walls and ancient architecture can be seen in the fifth season of the Game of Thrones. Šibenik is known as The King’s City, for it was the court of Croatian King Krešimir IV in the 11th century. A stronghold for many Croatian rulers, Šibenik is protected by four fortresses: St. Nicholas, St. Michael, St. John and the Šubićevac Fortress.
Šibenik and its fortresses represent Braavos, the greatest and most powerful of the Free Cities
Away from the city and a return to nature,as you visit Krka National Park, the backdrop to numerous nature scenes in the show’s fourth season; a breathtaking place with cascading waterfalls that leave you mesmerized and refreshed in the greens of its flora and the blues of its crystal clear water.
We’ll finish the day with dinner in a picturesque agro-tourism with a delicious 3 course homemade meal.
Day 3 Kaštela Trogri – Doreen. Kaštela means castle in Croatian and this part of the Dalmatian coast is rife with them.  Located between Split and Trogir, the town of Kaštela is actually comprised of seven coastal villages built around 15th and 16th century castles. At the time, upper-crust families in Split felt greatly threatened by the Ottoman Turks into Europe. One by one, they filed into Kaštela bay and built fortified mansions. Kaštela serves perfectly as a set for the mystery region of Doreen. Trogir – an amphibian city, is so old that its foundations – Illyrian, Hellenistic and Roman, under the current medieval versions – literally emerging out of Adriatic is the perfect continuity of our GoT story. But not just because of the historical monuments and palaces - the entire old town of Trogir is under UNESCO protection - but also because of its myths and legends that fulfill the story; Kairos- ancient Greek God of opportunity, luck and favorable moments. The day ends with dinner and a visit to one of the famous Kastelan wineries, the home of world famous “Zinfandel-Kastelanski Crljenak”.
Day 4 the Blue and Green secrets of Imotski whose ancient stone architecture is a new home to the Game of Thrones. On the northwest outskirts of town, you’ll visit to a place where fantasy does indeed meet reality, as you’re introduced to the natural wonders of the Red and Blue Lake. Red, like the blood of the fallen, and Blue, like the royal attire of Danaerys, both deeper than you can imagine. On the way, we will also stop to see some of the other filming locations such as Baško polje, a beautiful scenery underneath the mountain Biokovo and a spectacular view of the Dalmatian islands; a place where Danaerys also found her rest and comfort. In Imotski, we will also visit a winery and treat ourselves with a wonderful traditional dinner.
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Day 5 Dubrovnik King’s Landing welcome to the legendary City of Dubrovnik. For most of its history, a republic of its own and a beacon of diplomacy, Dubrovnik’s independent spirit is as strong as ever. You already know this city, for this is King’s Landing, a host to the revelries of Robert Baratheon, the excessive lifestyle of Prince Joffrey, and the cunning wit of Tyrion Lannister. Walk onto Red Keep, known here as Lovrijenac Fortress. Follow the trails of Arya Stark, and see where Danaerys, the Queen of Dragons, gave freedom to her fire-breathing flying creatures. You will also walk through the palace gardens of King’s Landing, where gossip and intrigue foreshadowed battles, a place known in our world as Trsteno Arboretum. This luscious combination of green plant-life and superb architecture of yesteryear tells tails of royalty, and is the oldest arboretum in this part of Europe.
Day 6 Meereen follow the path of Danaerys as she seeks to conquer Slaver’s Bay and free the slaves of Meereen. The 1700-year-old Mediterranean metropolis of Split transforms into Meereen, as you start the final chapter of your tour at Diocletian’s Palace, its ancient basements and narrow streets, where freed slaves sought revenge upon their masters. Walk the path to the top of Klis Fortress, as it transforms into the Meereen throne, where Daenerys set the slaves free and crucified their wicked owners. Travel to the suburbs, to the town’s quarry, where the Unsullied battled for Danaerys, and where Daario fought Bronn. Then onto the town of Žrnovnica, whose green mill was used for Missandei’s bathing scene – the perfect spot to have a finishing dinner.
Day 7 Departure from Split.
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Dalmatia Adventure Itineraries

climbing hiking caving trekking cycling walking rafting and Dalmatian food & wine
Climbing Split is Croatia’s second-largest city, located on a beautiful peninsula off the Dalmatian Coast. Known as “Mediterranean Flower,” it was built in third century by Roman Emperor Diocletian as his luxury summer capital. Today, Diocletian’s Palace is in the very heart of Split and it is a part of UNESCO World Heritage.  Climbing on Marjan hill is very popular activity. Situated on a peninsula, Marjan hill is covered in a dense Mediterranean pine forest and surrounded by the sea, making it a unique sight. Limestone cliffs are facing the sea, from where you could see island Šolta and peninsula Čiovo. Marjan has 76 routes, mostly vertical and especially popular for many sunny days throughout whole year.

Hiking and Caving we offer you several hiking tours on Mosor, a mountain range which belongs to the Dinaric Alps and stretches from the pass of Klis in the northwest to the Cetina River in the southeast. Participants can climb to the mountain center, which is located 868 meters above sea level. The mountain gives you a breathtaking view and panoramas of all the Dalmatian islands.  For those who are more demanding, we organize a tour to the top - Veliki Kabal, Vickov stup, 1325 meters.  If you’re a fan of caving, we will take you to Vranjača in Dugopolje, a karst area near Split. It was discovered in 1906 and opened to visitors in 1929. Her total length is 360 meters and the temperature is never above 15 Celsius. It’s the first cave in Croatia with electric light. You will be amazed, because this beautiful place was carved 60 million years ago by an underground river which is still flowing.
Trekking in Brač Pustinja Blaca Vidova gora kaštel Gospodnetić. On the island of Brač you will experience the famous Glagolitic desert - 16th century - and astronomical observatory built on a sharp and high cliff four kilometers from the sea. Here, hermits built bungalows and in 1588 a Renaissance church was built containing three baroque pales whilst in the desert can be found Venetian school paintings from the 17th century. From Pustinja Blaca we can reach the Vidova Gora via trekking trails.
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Vidova gora on the island of Brač is the highest peak on the Adriatic islands (778 m above the sea level). It was named after the small church of St. Vid, which was built in 13th century and stood at the top of the hill. Vidova gora has preserved its untouched nature and visitors can enjoy one of the most spectacular views on Adriatic from the top.
Life on Brač experience the local cousine and relax in the picturesque environment of Kaštil Gospodnetić. Built in 16th century, Kaštil will serve you typical Dalmatian food and wine.
Cycling in Šolta explore the island of Šolta, known as the island of olives, wine, figs and honey. Enjoy cycling on quiet and colorful roads amongst the villages, where you will see traditional way of life, caves and beautiful bays all around you. Choose your own route and experience Croatian unspoiled nature.
Walking and Trekking Krka National Park is home to more than 800 species of flora and a huge range of birds. We will take you through lush vegetation to the magnificent waterfalls of Skradinski Buk and Roški Slap, where you can view beautiful small cascades and numerous backwaters and islets.
Krka Waterfalls is the only National Park in Croatia where swimming is allowed

Hiking and Trekking because of its unique natural features and extraordinary geomorphologic structures, Paklenica became a National Park. It's the largest and best preserved forest complex in Dalmatia and perfect for hiking and trekking. It stretches over 95 km2, on the littoral slope of South Velebit under the mountain peaks of Vaganski vrh (1752 m) and Sveto brdo (1753 m). The relatively small area has an abundance of geomorphological phenomena and forms, diverse flora and fauna, attractive landscapes and nature.
Rafting Zadar is a prehistoric city situated on the Adratic Sea. The harbor, to the north-east of the town, is safe and spacious. A city rich in history, often devastated, every time emerging from the ruins stronger, richer and more beautiful. In 2016 Zadar was awarded the title of the ‘Best European Destinations’.
At the end of our tour, we will take you on a Zrmanja rafting trip, a very popular expedition down the magnificent Wild West-like canyons of the Zrmanja river. A picturesque environment with clear and green waters, rapids and waterfalls that will steal your heart and make this trip on  Zrmanja river an unforgettable experience.

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