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North of Naples and South of Rome

North of Naples and South of Rome
Cultural and Gastronomic Itineraries in South Italy

In the area between Rome and Naples, in Lazio and Campania regions, there are several small towns worth visiting such as the medieval borgo of Carinola, also known as the City of the Angels and the Pompeii of the XV Century. 

In many ways, this borgo in Caserta Province is a microcosm of all the things visitors to Italy look for: history, culture, traditions and a local community waiting to show you around.

The Town and Surrounding Territory stand out for palaces, museums, cathedrals and convents from the XI to the XV Centuries:
XV C. palazzo Petrucci,  the XI C. Cathedral, Casa Marzano – XV C, the remains of an XI C. Norman Castle, the XI C. Church of the Annunciation and a XIII C. Franciscan Convent.

Local Food Specialties that can be tasted at the Farmers Museum, including:the local olive oil, varieties of cheese, homemade breads with garlic and tomatoes, unique dishes with beans, eggs, zucchini and sun dried tomatoes and assorted liquors and sweets. 

Roman Era theater, a V C. Basilica in the Claudius Forum and the archeological museum

For a Personalized Itinerary

You can experience all of this in a just a few hours but we can also arrange for an overnight stay in a quaint farmhouse or make this area of Campania region your base from which you can experience other borgoes as well as take advantage of some great beaches nearby.

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North of Naples and South of Rome

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