Thursday, February 11, 2016

Arts and Gastronomy Courses in Ferrara and Modena

Celebrating the Cultural and Culinary Traditions of Emilia Romagna
Weekly Courses, available year round, designed to acquaint you and expand your knowledge of the arts, culture and cuisine of Ferrara and the Emilia Romagna region of Italy. 

The Cooking Classes take place in Ferrara restaurants, the balsamic vinegar program in Modena and the Fresco art course at the Belriguardo Museum.

  1. Italian Cooking Classes: from the selection and purchase of the ingredients in local markets to the making, presentation and tasting of first and second courses. The afternoons are dedicated to visits to Ferrara’s museums and other cultural venues.
  2. Bread-Making: coppia ferrarese – a hit at Milan’s Expo2015 - and other local specialties;
  3. Creative Cooking: your favorite Italian dishes accompanied by unique aromas, herbs and flavors from the garden;
  4. The Wines of Emilia Romagna;
  5. Balsamic Vinegar: an introduction;
  6. The Art of Fresco Making. Your program includes morning visits to Sala della Vigna, Palazzo Schifanoia, Marfisa and other venues to view examples of Ferrara area frescoes. In the afternoons, under the guidance of your art maestro, you will have a chance to put into practice your newly acquired knowledge by creating your very own frescos.

Accommodations in Typical Local Ferrara Country Houses and Villas

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Escorted Itineraries to visit the local small museums in or near Ferrara that are representative of the region’s Renaissance Traditions and its modern, industrial achievements, such as the Lamborghini Museum. Also included, a day trip to Florence or Venice.

Children Workshops are Available at Belriguardo Castle

Connect with Historia and Tema
for Year Round Art and Gastronomy Courses in Ferrara and Modena
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