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Economic Development Entrepreneurs tourism energy transit and water resources projects

Summary a local area development project built around existing facilities that need upgrading and expansion to manage tourism flows and local typical product capabilities to enhance the community’s product and services offerings.
Objectives Making the local area a reference point for multiple overnight stays in the community and for customers who visit adjacent territories, with a focus on
Business Tourism – events to market local, regional and global products and services;
Vacation Tourism - built around families and small groups with an emphasis on culinary, wellness, historic preservation, cultural heritage and local typical products.
Phase 1 qualify and quantify participation in the project of businesses, associations and others followed by capitalization and commercialization of the project.
Phase 2 Identification and quantification of the work to be carried out at existing and planned facilities for the project - expansion, modernization and new structures - necessary to achieve the project’s medium and long term objectives.
Phase 3 capital fundraising and implementation of the second phase.
Phase 4 creation of the new legal structure owned by the project participants from Phase 1 and the new capital.
Economic Development Entrepreneurs and Your Community
About community development projects that focus on travel related services, local typical products, energy efficiency, transit and water resources.
Objectives an economic development effort designed to sustain small businesses, start-ups and nonprofits in a community, including but not limited to:
Direct sales of products and services within and across communities
Appropriate technologies, know-how transfers and related training
Capital and human resources development.
Who Can Participate any business, start-up, nonprofit and local government entity can participate in projects and transactions that take place in our communities.
How Much Does It Cost there are no fees required to participate in a community project or transaction. Local and other participants may elect to provide an in-kind product and/or service contribution in an amount of their choice. This in kind contribution, where applicable, generates:
A return on capital to the participant(s)
A Development Fund that sets aside resources for projects and transactions in the community
An Enterprise Fund to capitalize start-ups and for training.
Exclusivity there are no exclusivity arrangements other than the ownership of the purchasing clients by the in-capital project participants in the respective communities.
Opting Out a project and/or transaction participant may elect to opt out at any time, subject to the completion of pending work.
Economic Development Entrepreneurs
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