Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Travel Destinations & Learning Experiences

Local Green Economies, Connecting Globally
 Travel Destinations in Europe and the United States are also a learning experience for families, schools and theme groups as well as an opportunity for businesses, nonprofits and local governments to acquire and exchange know how in the fields of tourism and the environment.

Tourism in all its forms may very well be the largest activity in today’s global economy. Our focus is on specific types of travel and their interplay with environmental issues in certain communities. In this context, we make the case that the most beneficial form of tourism, to the traveling client and the communities that he/she visits, are those most closely associated with sustainable environmental practices.

We also believe that you, the client, are best served by the participation and support of travel related services providers who are knowledgeable of the communities that you visit, for business or pleasure, as well as the customs, laws and traditions of your country of residence.
Connecting for a Personalized Travel Experience 
A properly planned and implemented travel program will save you time and money as well as insure your safety and set the stage for the most important part of your trip: meeting, spending time, learn, exchange views, ideas, know-how and more with the people in the places that you are visiting. Lastly, a key objective of our travel related services program is developing relationships with local experts, merchants, products and services providers.

A Collective Multidisciplinary Approach Increases Knowledge and Wealth in a Community
Travel Themes

Cultural Heritage the objects on display in museums and art galleries disclose the historical and archaeological heritage of a community, leverage conservation and help preserve biodiversity.

Local Food and Wine Traditions Experience uniquely local atmospheres in communities where many historical and sustainable attractions are also present.

“Preserving and Divulging the Cultural Heritage of Communities,,
Public Transport Initiatives In recent years, efficient and affordable public transit - in the form of bus rapid transit, subways, elevated and other rail services and trolley cars – for urban, suburban and intercity service have been debated, studied and in some instances implemented.
Water Resources and the Environment Visit and study the efforts of communities that are in the forefront of water resources management and other environmentally sustainable practices in coastal and river waterfront development in small towns and large cities as well as agricultural communities.  

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