Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Cogeneration for Your Neighborhood Small Town and Business

District Energy Networks Employment and Environmental Benefits
Cogeneration involves the recovery of otherwise-wasted thermal energy to produce useful thermal energy or electricity. Off-grid neighborhoods, small towns and businesses can harness a combination of  renewable energy, household composting, wastewater management agricultural and industrial waste-to-resource systems to generate surplus energy that enable self-reliant and resilient neighborhoods in your community.  
Your Neighborhood and Small Town benefit from new, scalable and mobile technologies that are personalized to meet the unique requirements to achieve a closed loop system utilizing available local resources. Biogas can be used in cogeneration systems for production of heat to be used on site and for many other requirements of the zoo-technical and electricity chains. This technology can treat waste from agricultural farms, livestock farms and milk factories as well as produce green energy that can be sold.
District Energy Networks utilize any combination of fossil, recuperative and renewable fuels to create energy and heat that is then distributed from a central system via a pipeline system to business, institutional and private users resulting in functional, economic and ecological advantages Video
Financing Alternatives Traditional banking and leasing options are available along with federal, state and local assistance. Also, build, operate and transfer – bot – programs that reduce upfront investment costs.
Employment Benefits are achieved with robust training programs designed to turn over management and operations of the plant to local personnel.
Environmental Benefits Cogeneration reduces emissions of GHGs and other air pollutants by as much as 40 percent or more. It consumes essentially zero water resources in generating electricity and offers a low-cost approach to adding new electricity generation capacity.  
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