Saturday, October 21, 2017

American Cultural Heritage Destinations and Itineraries

For Friends & Family, Theme Groups and Business Travelers
Preserving and Divulging the Cultural Heritage of American Communities

Cultural Heritage and Local Museums give meaning and purpose to the objects on display in museums and art galleries as they disclose the historical and archaeological heritage of a community, leverage conservation and the rediscovery of cultural heritage through the arts, history, archeology, literature and architecture, preserve biodiversity and rediscover cultures associated with agricultural, coastal and river communities.

Local Food Wineries and Breweries There are several fascinating examples throughout America of a resurgence in farming that cater to an ever increasing demand for local, quality and sustainable food, wine and ale consumption in both urban and suburban communities, fueled in part by downtown development and neighborhood construction. This, in turn, has spawned a demand for nightlife and weekend amenities for local citizens and out of town visitors. Experience uniquely local atmospheres in American communities where many historical and sustainable attractions are also present.

Communities and Local Public Transport Initiatives In recent years, efficient and affordable public transit - in the form of bus rapid transit, subways, elevated and other rail services and trolley cars – for urban, suburban and intercity service have been debated, studied and in some instances implemented. Our itineraries include major US cities with established commuter and regional service as well as communities that are implementing new transit programs. An opportunity to meet with local planners and managers and travel efficiently, safely and affordably as you visit the United States.

Water Resources Management and the Environment Visit and study the efforts of communities that are in the forefront of water resources management and other environmentally sustainable practices in coastal and river waterfront development in small towns and large cities as well as agricultural communities. Local officials and nonprofit stewards of the environment, among others, will explain their policies, programs and best management practices in wastewater and watershed management, land conservancy issues, LEED certifications, recycling, rainwater collection and energy efficient systems.  

From Farming and Industry to Services and Sustainability 

Travel Logistics Move in one direction. Anchor your stays in strategic locations conveniently located near points of interest. Take in sites, meals and other planned events in a hub and spoke fashion and enjoy the places and the people you are visiting. Tema develops and manages personalized travel itineraries, an in-depth knowledge of your destinations and superior client service throughout your trip.

How Does it Work
Select one or all of our US destinations, the period of the year and number of days you wish to travel;
Identify the travel themes that interest you – cultural, local food & wine, the environment and transport;
With this information, Tema develops a comprehensive travel program for your review and approval;
At your request and where feasible, you can also join other travel groups and families;
Please Note that costs and fees apply only if you accept and we implement your travel program.

How Do You Benefit
Our personalized travel programs are designed for friends and families, theme groups, government and nonprofit experts, businesses as well as travel agents and tour operators. 
We have developed anchor locations from which you can best base your travel movements, mindful that you are likely to visit three to four places in a compressed period of time, typically 7 to 10 days, and experience multiple interests that range from cultural to culinary, wellness and the environment.

Smart Trip Planning Logistics Locations Costs Time and Personalized Solutions 

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