Monday, August 7, 2017

A New Business in Your Community

a network of neighborhoods main streets and historic districts
Tema is implementing projects in selected small towns, main streets and historic districts around the
United States that focus on tourism, logistics, energy efficiency and water conservation in museums, breweries, vineyards/wineries, hotels and other accommodation venues visited by our travel clients.
Our Travel Clients are interested in heritage and preservation tourism, architecture, the environment, conservation and other professional enrichment itineraries, cultural, food, wine and brew events.
Traveling Clients
Inbound Travel Groups are interested in historic preservation, architecture, gastronomy, wine and brew tastings events, the outdoors, local farm practices as well as energy efficiency, transit land and water conservation practices.
Tema makes payments to local service providers at cost with no mark-ups for booking accommodations, sightseeing and other event entry fees as well as lunches and dinners. Alternatively, the client pays the service provider directly based on instructions from Tema.
Our Clients typically visit and participate in professional enrichment programs at local events, seminars and other learning experiences. Travel programs are designed to cover multiple regions of the United States.
Local Management
For Logistics, travel related and environmental management services; interested individuals, businesses, nonprofits and local governments that can materially contribute to the successful implementation of the projects, are welcome to participate.
Participating Local Businesses are provided with a no cost, no obligation proposal to implement energy savings and water conservation measures that will also be showcased to visitors. Energy Services Agreements are entered in with the local energy services company - ESCo.
Ways & Means
The Program is funded in part with proceeds from the travel projects. Transactions profits are invested in local logistics, energy efficiency and water conservation related projects.
Benefits to Your Business and Community
A New Local Business is formed to manage travel, energy, water and logistics activities. Funds are managed by a local nonprofit during the transition period estimated at 12-18 months when the new enterprise becomes fully operational. The New Local Enterprise is an:
attractor for visitors interested in Transport, Energy, Water and other Environment Issues.
Engages in Many Small Projects leading to Opportunities for employment and skills training.
Economies of Scale benefits include centralized marketing and management that favor all local partner jurisdictions, simultaneously lowering unit costs for product and service purchases.
Tell Us About Your Community
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