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Aberdeen South Dakota

American Historic Small Town Itineraries
Aberdeen South Dakota Before the arrival of European settlers, the area was inhabited by the Sioux Indians. The first group of Euro-American settlers to reach the area in the 1820s was a party of four people, three horses, two mules, fifteen cattle, and two wagons. This group of settlers was later joined by another group the following spring, and eventually more settlers migrated toward this general area. Like many towns of the Midwest, Aberdeen was built around the newly developing railroads. Officially plotted as a town site on January 3, 1881 by the Milwaukee Road which was presided over by Alexander Mitchell, who was born in Scotland, hence the name Aberdeen. The town was was officially founded on July 6, 1881, the date of the first arrival of a Milwaukee Railroad train.
Aberdeen the perfect family and business destination
The Dacotah Prairie Museum The idea for a community museum in Aberdeen dates back almost 70 years. In 1938, John Murphy, a Northern State College professor, and Marc Cleworth, a salesman, created the Northern South Dakota History Museum which was housed in the Central building on Northern's campus. The collection of this first museum grew rapidly through loans and donations until by 1941, it had amassed a collection of over 500 items.

The Pheasant Canteen Exhibit, located in the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railroad depot on north Main Street, opened on August 19, 1943 as a project of the American Red Cross and the USO. Its purpose was to bring food and encouragement to servicemen and women who were traveling through Aberdeen toward training facilities or deployment. An average of 500 military persons a day passed through Aberdeen on 4-6 trains. The Pheasant Canteen was known for its pheasant sandwiches. Farmers first donated the pheasants for the sandwiches and later pheasant hunts were organized to aid the canteen. The last meal was served on March 31, 1946.
The Historic Alonzo Ward Hotel has been restored to its full grandeur as demonstrated by the elegance, architectural detail and fine appointments of the lobby. Dining at the Ward Plaza is an experience in itself; a unique combination featuring American and International cuisine artfully presented and creatively prepared.
Aberdeen Trails Since 1989, over 20 miles of trails have been developed for use by the citizens of Aberdeen. The trails are meant for a multiplicity of users including bicyclists, walkers, and joggers. Trails are either constructed on public rights of way along greenways, through park areas, or along city streets.
The Aberdeen Community Theater on historic Main Street opened in January of 1927. This French art deco theater is also home to the Capitol Theatre which has been providing quality, award-winning live theater productions for northeastern South Dakota. Along with ACT’s live theater season between April and November, the Capitol Cinema programming features special film events throughout the year and Hollywood films seven nights a week from December to March.
The Highlands Historical District Featuring homes built from 1907 to 1969, it is comprised of 17 houses. The area was first given the lofty title of highlands because it rose three feet higher than the commercial district which was located in a slough. Over the years, houses of varying styles have been blended together to form a pleasing combination of both modern and classical architecture. Many of the homes are among the most outstanding examples of period architecture in the state.
The Grassland Hutterite Colony Discover a people whose ingenuity allows them to fashion their own clothing, handcraft their own furniture, and live in a self-sustaining community. A truly unique culture that has changed little in over four centuries and has thrived more than a century in South Dakota. Tour the wood working shop where some of the finest wood furniture in South Dakota is made, the granite shop and turkey barns. Then experience German food and fresh vegetables from the 15 acre garden.
The Ethanol Corn Industry learn how corn gets made into the ethanol. Also experience hunting, fishing and numerous other outdoors sports activities.
Bieber Red Angus Ranch is approximately 9000 acres. Bieber’s run 700 Red Angus cows and handle all the development bulls and heifers. Great pride is taken in managing the grasslands that the Red Angus herd grazes. Grassland is one of the largest recyclers of CO2 and good management of that grassland is essential to the sustainability of the operation. The operation take prides on working cattle on horses. Branding happen in early April, Late April and early June. Visiting this operation will give participants a great insight into the use of agricultural land to rough for grain production and how efficient beef cattle are in using this landscape.
Wylie Park Step back in time and experience all the childhood fables you grew to know and love. L. Frank Baum, noted author and resident of Aberdeen from 1888 to 1891, wrote his story and timeless children's classic, "The Wizard of Oz." The theme, setting and characters from "The Wizard of Oz" provided the inspiration for Aberdeen's newest theme park. The Land of Oz features several attractions including Dorothy's House, complete with tornado special effects. See cows and chickens fly through the air! Your group will have a chance to visit Munchkin Land, Scarecrow's and Tin Man's houses. Travel the Yellow Brick Road through the Haunted Forest, where the Talking Trees shout out as you make you way to the Lion's Den and the Wicked Witch's Castle.

Aberdeen's magical theme park, Storybook Land Follow the Yellow Brick Road to a land of enchantment which includes more than 65 larger than life nursery rhyme-themed exhibits. Visit a medieval castle, complete with moat and guarded by knights in armor. See Rapunzel with her hair let down over the castle wall waiting for her prince to arrive. Climb aboard Captain Hook's boat, see Humpty Dumpty's Wall, or crawl through the tunnel to the middle of "Dog Town," a prairie dog exhibit at the zoo.
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