Friday, August 25, 2017

Culture and Travel

Cultural Tourism is Best Experienced in the Company of Local Friends and Experts

Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world economy; right up there with real estate, automobiles and financial services. It is also highly segmented: business travel, conventions and meetings, cruises, family vacations, food and wine travel, responsible, sustainable, ethical, and more.

Cultural Tourism assumes uniquely local dimensions wherever you go; the activities that you, the local or global visitor, select and, irrespective of the length of your stay, are unique of the community you are visiting and rooted into the local economy, culture and traditions.

How to Travel Culturally! is a very much function of the destination you choose. Your visit to a country, region or town is personalized as a function of your interests and preferences:
When in Rome…. To engage in cultural tourism means doing and going where the locals go. Many destinations are known for the negative effects travel has on the local culture and environment, especially during certain periods of the year.

Best Planned & Managed by Those with Knowledge of Both Your Community and the Locations You Visit
Travel Duration 3 nights and 4 days to 14 nights and 15 days Group Size Minimum 4, Maximum 50 persons.
Information for Booking First and Last Name, Passport Number, Expiration date and Issuing country, Date of birth, Email address.
Included Travel between cities and states that are part of the itinerary, 3 lunches and dinners, accommodations in double occupancy with breakfast for three nights, applicable local and state taxes, 3 one-half day sightseeing events, local transport services.
Excluded Evening entertainment and transport to tour location start and from tour ending location.
Day/time Day to day programs and specific events at each location, as well as the sequence of the tour stops, will be finalized with the participation of the clients after details on family/group composition have been determined to take-into-account client priorities and preferences.
Reductions Children under the age of 18 and seniors over the age of 65 traveling with parents and/or guardians, staying in the same hotel room receive a 20 percent discount. | skype arezza1
Avoid Places and activities that cater only to tourists and outdoor markets that sell souvenirs that you can find anywhere as opposed to local traditional crafts;
Experience Typical Local cuisine, wine and brews;
Go to Local Museums and other attractions that are more likely to tell you the unique history and traditions of the places you are visiting.

Cultural Districts are geographic areas that focus on the arts, individual artists and arts-based businesses. They are mixed-use developments with other facilities such as office complexes, restaurants, retail spaces, and occasionally residential areas. They are a most representative of a community’s vision, planning, and commitment and to the preservation of its heritage and social values.