Monday, November 13, 2017

A Quality of Life Growth Management Process

The Best Way to keep your community a great place to live and work in is to incorporate quality of life growth management into every aspect of the local land use and development review process. A sound quality of life growth management QLGM plan preserves quality of life through growth management.
QLGM Plans are developed through a process that maximizes participation through public opinion surveys, neighborhood meetings and focus groups that identify the factors your community deems important. These mechanisms develop objective criteria to evaluate how growth scenarios affect quality of life factors that identify and rate realistic growth scenarios.
Maximizing Community Participation to Select the Most Desirable Growth Scenario
The Draft QLGM plan sets forth the process used to select a desired growth scenario, benefits provided, changes to laws and government programs required to achieve a desired pattern of growth as well as
improvements to infrastructure. A draft plan is then circulated for review and a final document is formally adopted by your local elected body.
A New Plan for Your Area if your current plan is about to expire or rates poorly based on the Quality of Life Growth Management system, we can assist you in carrying out the outlined steps and/or conduct a community workshop and assist you in formulating a planning strategy for your community.
Ensuring future growth patterns that match the desired scenario set forth in the QLGM plan requires amending local laws that regulate development. These laws include zoning and subdivision ordinances and development regulations as well as changes in how your tax dollars are spent, hence amendments to local budgets and capital improvement program. The QLGM planning process should be repeated every six to ten years or when conditions warrant reconsideration of your community's growth scenario.
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