Saturday, November 11, 2017

Business Resources for Tourism Energy Water and Transit Projects

Tema works with you and your community to develop and implement training programs to:
  • Start new businesses;
  • Help existing businesses adopt state of the art sustainability practices; 
  • Prepare students for the jobs market; 
  • Assist local governments and nonprofits  meet environmental standards; 
  • Develop and implement sustainable tourism capabilities; 
  • Create or upgrade your museum’s sustainability plans.
Training Management Solutions and Markets for your Products and Services
Hands-on education, training and work-study opportunities that enhance skills and knowledge to make well informed environmental choices in:
  • community sustainability
  • watershed management
  • sustainable tourism
  • museum management
  • landscape architecture
  • sustainable agriculture
  • renewable energy
  • municipality conservation & development
Training Programs
Green Buildings Systems and Materials cover the fundamentals of building science and examine a ‘whole-building’ approach to construction, operations, and maintenance. Identification of core principles, best practices, regulations, incentives, and fundamentals of the LEED rating systems.
Green Certifications Labels and Standards are an indication that green principles are practiced and that dynamic, ongoing sustainability practices are in place. Review of techniques for determining legitimacy, credibility and performance. Industry certifications in building, consumer products, environmental landscaping and lodging/tourism.
Water Resources and Conservation implement proper landscaping techniques and a water conservation plan: reuse of reclaimed water, rainwater catchment systems and reduce water leakage.
Environmental Accounting implementing environmental/carbon accounting as part of a sustainability plan that prioritizes actions based on the return on investment for owners, stakeholders and taxpayers as well as meet energy, water, and waste-reduction targets.
Renewable Energy in sustainability planning initiatives is a crucial element in lowering long-term operating costs. Energy planning creates a culture of environmental and social responsibility.

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