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Spaccanapoli Arts Traditions History Culture Churches and Palazzi of Naples

Spaccanapoli is a narrow one kilometer long  street comprised of seven streets in the heart of the Naples Historic Center, the oldest continuously inhabited community in Western Europe: via Pasquale Scura, via Maddaloni, via Benedetto Croce, via San Biagio dei Librai, via Vicaria Vecchia and via Giudecca Vecchia.

A 2500 Year Journey along an Open Air Museum of Western Civilization
The Decumano Superiore and Spaccanapoli comprise the urban layout of Greek era Neapolis. In the 19th century, the city’s aristocratic families’ palazzi and religious convents led to renewed interest in the old quarter from Piazza San Domenico Maggiore to Piazza del Gesù Nuovo where remains of the Roman baths where found under the Cloister of Santa Chiara.
The Renaissance period led to changes in the original Gothic buildings as well as a linkage with the city’s Spanish quarter with construction of via Toledo. Palazzo Carafa di Maddaloni is a classic example of Neapolitan Baroque. Palazzo Corigliano and its namesake church maintained their gothic polygonal apse but were refurbished in a gold and stucco baroque style. 

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San Gregorio Armeno is an alley full of storefronts and stalls presenting porcelain pulcinellas peppers, lemons and blood red tomatoes as well as artisan shops, antique dealers, pizzerie and the famed Neapolitan crib. Nearby are the entrance to Undeground Naples and the city’s Cathedral where you can view the Treasure of San Gennaro.
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