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Energy and Water Sub-Meters for Your Property

Sub-meters play a major role in successful energy and water reduction efforts and help identify best practices to reduce energy and water consumption in a building.
Utilities implement sub-meter systems that allow a building owner, property management firm, condominium or homeowners association and other multi-tenant property to bill tenants for measured utility usage via individual water, gas and electric meters. Water Sub-meters promote conservation and help offset maintenance and improvement costs for well water systems, lagoons or septic systems. Without a meter to measure individual usage, there is less incentive to identify building inefficiencies, since the other tenants or landlord may pay all or part of those costs.
Sub-metering also refers to the monitoring of electrical consumption of individual equipment within a building, such as HVAC, indoor and outdoor lighting, refrigeration and kitchen appliances, creating opportunities for energy and capital expenditure savings, control over thermal efficiency of the structure, its insulation, windows, and major energy consuming appliances.
Automatic Meter Reading AMR Technology Electronic Meter Reading and Billing
Software provides consumption data. This data provides users with the information to locate leaks and high-consumption areas. Users can apply this data to implement conservation or renovation projects to lower usage & costs, meet government mandates, or participate in green building programs.
System Design typically includes a master meter owned by the utility supplying the water, electricity, or gas, with overall usage billed directly to the property owner. The property owner or manager then places their own private meters on individual tenant spaces to determine individual usage levels and bill each tenant for their share. In some cases, the landlord might add the usage cost to the regular rent or lease bill. In other cases, a third party might read, bill, and possibly even collect for the service. Some of these companies also install and maintain meters and reading systems.
Panelor circuit sub-meters are used to measure resource use of the same system for added security, economic, reliability, and behavioral benefits, providing insights into resource consumption of building systems and equipment working in the same series. Sub-meters can measure use of a single panel, or multiple points within a panel system using single-point, multi-point, and branch circuit sub-meters.
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