Monday, June 11, 2018

Artisanal Gelato in Naples

Naples Italy Food Traditions

The Gelateria della Scimmia is a Neapolitan Tradition dating from the 1930s. Named for the proprietor’s monkey who was rather fond of ice cream, the establishment has been at the same location in Piazza Carita’ from the very beginning.

A Gelato Artigianale whose processes and standards have remained unchanged over nearly ninety years except for the introduction of new machines over time. The result is a perfect equilibrium among milk, eggs, sugar and cream; the paste is also made in house.

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Artisanal Gelato in Naples
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Coffee Flavored Gelato and Semifreddo are made with the highest quality coffee; fruit ice cream is prepared only with in season fruits.

Traditional Recipes are the norm; however, as a concession to dietary preferences and evolving tastes, the sugar content has been reduced by nearly 20 percent; sugar free gelato has also been developed for celiac and diabetic customers.

 The Family Business continues In the 21st century with grandsons Marco and Luca in Piazza Carita’ e Piazzetta del Nilo across the street from the Sant’Angelo in Nilo Chapel. 

Photos and Original Italian Text courtesy of Ciro La Rosa

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