Monday, January 8, 2018

Managing Water Resources in Resilient Communities

Innovative Solutions for Your Home Neighborhood and Business
Urban Flooding many small towns across the country lose drinking water because of aging pipes, in addition, asphalt and concrete prevent rainwater from soaking into the ground. The solution to inadequate storm water and drinking water management: green infrastructure like rain gardens and bios wales. 
Aging Pipes and Outdated Systems Waste 14 percent of Daily Water Consumption

Water Losses from aging infrastructure and faulty metering lead to lost revenue for utilities and higher rates for water users. Also, increasing demand, maintenance and energy costs are responsible for a 90% increase in utility rates. This trend can be countered by best management practices BMP that include state-of-the-art audits, leak detection monitoring, targeted repairs and upgrades, pressure management, and better metering technologies.
Cost-effective Solutions for Homes Neighborhoods and Business
Your Home may be affected by water or sewage backup, basement seepage and flooding in your yard. A Full Service Strategy comprises yard landscaping to manage storm water and increase property values.
Coordinated Improvements are carried out by experts in landscaping, paving, plumbing, sewer and foundation repairs, waterproofing, gutters and downspouts.
Your Neighborhood flooding often affects multiple properties in a community, necessitating the participation of neighboring properties to improve local water management via risk mapping and low-cost flood reduction and mitigation.  Solutions include: downspout disconnection and drywells, rain gardens and tree planting on parkways. Affordable improvements also address cracked or blocked sewer pipes and flooding from nearby creeks and ditches.

Benefits often include inclusion of storm water management into downtown improvement plans that lead to transportation amenities and economic revitalization, creation of pocket parks and wetlands to store and infiltrate storm water, restoration of tree canopies and river corridors, emergency planning and flood warning systems.

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