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Salt Lake City Utah

Flanked on all sides by dramatic granite cliffs, Salt Lake is a world-class alpine destination with outdoor recreation, a remarkable history, and an economy that has transformed a pioneer town into a sophisticated metropolitan city.
Big Cottonwood Canyon and the world-famous Snowbird Aerial Tram with vistas from the top of 11,000-foot Hidden Peak of over 100 miles. Also, a breathtaking backcountry as you horseback or bike ride in the Wasatch Mountains. Thrill seekers can ride down the alpine slide, a new addition to the Snowbird experience.
The Great Salt Lake renowned for its high salinity which varies between 10 and 25%, second only to the Dead Sea, offers much in the way of recreation and relaxation. Antelope Island is ideal for a bike ride along the causeway or experience the trails as you hike, bike and animal watch: deer, bobcats, coyotes, many varieties of birds and waterfowl, and a small herd of elk call the island home. The Island's American Bison were introduced in 1893 and now number some 600 animals.

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History and Culture on July 24, 1847, Mormon pioneer arrived seeking a religious refuge. Their leader, Brigham Young stated, this is the right place!
80,000 Pioneers Settled in the Rocky Mountains by the Great Salt Lake
The Church has played a major role in the development of the city, and many current residents trace their roots to those early settlers. This Is the Place Heritage Park is a bustling pioneer village brought to life by friendly folks in period dress who present everyday pioneer life. Visit Historic Temple Square and classic Salt Lake buildings and homes.
Anasazi State Park Museum Explore this ancient village in the heart of Utah's canyon country. One of the largest Ancestral Puebloan communities west of the Colorado River, known as the Coombs Site, is believed to have been occupied from AD 1160 to 1235 and may have housed as many as 200 people.
Archeological excavations at the site have revealed more than 100 structures and have produced thousands of artifacts, some of which are on display in the museum.
All Inclusive from US$ 149/person/day for groups consisting of 4 up to 20 persons: accommodations in double occupancy, sightseeing, transfers, meals and taxes. Minimum Itinerary: 7 nights/8 days. Does not include tips and international air travel, where applicable.
The Behive House is a National Historic Landmark and a monument to courageous people who conquered the desert. Built in 1854, it served as the official residence of Brigham Young when he was President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Governor of the Utah Territory.
Edge of the Cedars Pueblo is a village inhabited by the ancestors of contemporary Puebloan peoples from AD 825 to 1125. View the largest collection of Ancestral Puebloan (Anasazi) pottery on display in the Four Corners area. Programs include archaeology and art exhibitions, storytelling, craft workshops, and an annual Indian art market held on the first Saturday every May.

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