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Food and Nature on the Island of Crete

Food and Nature on the Island of Crete

Olive Oil the island of Crete is home to over 35 milion olive trees, so you can imagine the importance of olive oil production and its use in the local cuisine, and the unique taste of the Cretan olives!

Spices there are more than 2000 types of spices on the island, 160 of which are endemic. Most of them can be used in the kitchen or in medicine. With not a lot of effort you can pick up plenty of them while hiking on the island.

Cretan Culinary Courses with Local Chefs

Seafood the sea around Crete is not just for swimming and water sports, ... but also for fishing. When visiting Crete you can also have unforgettable experiences by tasting the fresh catch in traditional local taverns by the sea.

Meat Greeks are big meat eaters. Sheep and goats roam freely around the countryside. The natural by products, like cheese, are at the heart of local traditional recipes.

Snacks - meze dakos, fava, mizitropita and more - are typically served with drinks like raki in Cretan homes and restaurants.

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