Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Slovenia Countryside Tour

A Slovenia Countryside Tour
medieval towns nature walks and local cuisine

The road from Ljubljana to Western Slovenia takes you to Kamnik, one of Slovenia's oldest medieval towns for a walk through its narrow streets and a visit to a candle making and other quaint shops. The Arboretum Botanical Park features a golf course and an opportunity to taste the local food and wine.
A Visit to Lake Bled includes a boat ride to a picturesque island with a church and a stop at the local castle with a display of the traditional way of printing books. Bohinj features magnificient landscapes, the frescoes in St John's Church, the Alpine Herdsman Museum and a chance to experience the old fashioned way of making cheese.  

Solkan is located by the emerald green Soča river and its high arched stone bridge. Nearby, Dobrovo Castle, the Goriška Brda vineyards and a wine tasting event.
Northeastern Slovenia features Predjamski castle, the Slovenske Konjice wine cellars and a stay at the wine barrels village. Besides medieval Ptuj, you will be seduced by the traditional town of Dobrovnik, the church in Bogojina and the handicraft shops in Veržej.

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