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Boat Tours in Naples Bay the Amalfi Coast and Cilento

Visit magnificent Naples Bay, Capri, Sorrento, the Amalfi Coast and Cilento in a traditional local boat, hugging the coastline in a series of one day tours, stopping along the way to savor the history, culture and traditions in quaint villages and famous resorts.

The Phlegraean Fields
There is a place where the fields  “burn”, and vapors and mud come out of the land whose level is constantly rising and lowering; where volcanoes like 133 meter high Monte Nuovo have emerged overnight. Hence, the name Campi Flegrei coined by the Greeks who first saw it 2800 years ago, assuming that Titans where imprisoned underground and their breathing caused the bradisism phenomenon of the earth’s crust.

Your voyage begins in Pozzuoli where you can see the remains of the Macellum and the underground Roman city  Rione Terra by simply entering a 17th Century palazzo.  Bradisism is also responsible for the sinking of the Roman Imperial city of Baia.
Just across the bay of Pozzuoli are Baia Castle and Miseno, home port of Rome’s navy; it is from here that Plini the Elder sailed in a vain attempt to save Pompeii. Your tour will end where it all began: Cuma as Southern Italy and Magna Grecia acted as catalysts to bring Greek culture to Rome. Western civilization began right here with the Cuman Sibilla and its myths.

 Sorrento Capri and Positano

Your boat leaves the port of Sorrento and reaches across to circumnavigate and visit the nearby island of Capri. Then it hugs the Amalfi Coast side of the Sorrento peninsula, and an opportunity to swim in crystal clear waters, on its way to the resort of Positano. This very relaxing day can only end with dinner based on local food and wine specialties  at a restaurant on the beach.

All the ingredients that visitors to Italy look for can be found here: pristine beaches, a national park under Unesco’s protection, coastal and inland panoramas and a superb culinary tradition. Coastal, hilly, and mountainous landscapes follow each other, showing vestiges of man`s ancient presence; Greek colonizers landed in the 7th century BC and founded Poseidonia (the Roman Paestum). Of major interest:

Paestum is surrounded by well kept 5 Km long Roman walls and includes three famous and imposing VI and V century BC Doric temples, the Archeological Museum and The Diver fresco.

Velia was founded circa 540 BC. Archeological excavations have gradually unveiled the remains of this town, the amphitheater and the Porta Rosa (Pink Door).

Cilento Coast if you can spare an extra day, your boat can take you further down the Cilento coast with stops along the way at quaint fishing villages in the company of a breathtaking coastline, all the way down to Palinuro, named after Ulysses’ helmsman on the voyage back to Ithaca.

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