Tuesday, July 11, 2017

A Vacation in Cilento and South Italy

Coastal Trails Mountains by the Sea Archeology and Nature

Cilento is located in Campania Region has all the ingredients that visitors to Italy look for:

beaches and seaside activities
a national park under the protection of Unesco
spectacular coastal and inland panoramas
history, traditions, culture
great wine, food and the Mediterranean diet

Greek colonizers landed along the coasts of Cilento in the 7th century BC and founded Poseidonia (the Roman Paestum). Of major interest are: The Excavations and the Museum of Paestum surrounded by well-kept Roman walls which are 5 km long. It includes the three famous and imposing Doric temples of the VI and V century BC, and the Archeological Museum which houses the precious fresco of The Diver. 


Velia is the Roman name for the ancient Greek town of Helea, founded circa 540 BC. Archeological excavations have gradually unveiled the remains of this town, the amphitheater and Porta Rosa (Pink Door). The sanctuary of Hera Argiva, located at the mouth of the Sele river, is hidden amongst vegetation. The foundation of this temple was attributed to Jason, the mythological husband of Medea and his Argonauts. A Virtual Museum examines these fascinating aspects of the past.
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Hills and Mountain landscapes follow each other, often showing vestiges of man`s ancient presence; among many of these are the Pertosa grottoes where shepherds used to shear their flocks, or the sculpture of the warrior of Antece on the Alburni rock.
Agropoli is the largest town in Cilento with highway, rail and sea connections as well the point of reference for shopping and night life. Set between the sea and the Cilento green hills, 10 km south of Paestum, Agropoli is the natural gateway to the Cilento Coast and the protected area of the Parco Nazionale del Cilento e del Vallo Di Diano.
Agropoli Harbor is home port to a wide range of craft, from sailboats to the typical Mediterranean gozzo, available for cruising along the Cilento and Amalfi Coasts.  In addition, various nautical exhibitions and contests are held by the local section of the Nautical League and the Agropoli Rowing Club.
Lower Cilento is the territory delimited by the watersheds of the rivers Bussento, Lambro and Mingardo. Its territory extends toward the coast up to Cape Palinuro and the Gulf of Policastro and is made up of small villages. Major points of interest in Lower Cilento:
San Severino di Centola a medieval village at the entry point to Lower Cilento, founded in the XI century to garrison the Mingardo valley.
Roccagloriosa behind the Capitenali Mountains, and overlooking the middle course of the Mingardo, this archaeological site and village was founded in the V century BC by the Lucanians.
The Certosa di San Lorenzo in Padula is located at the entry of the Vallo di Diano. Founded in 1306, it is the largest Carthusian monastery in Italy. 
Cilento Countryside experiences include homemade bread and cheese making, olives harvesting and olive oil production as well as an appreciation of local traditional music and peasant culture.

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