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Travel to Vinkovci Croatia

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Vinkovci is located along the Bosut River, a tributary of the Sava, in the eastern Slavonia region of Croatia, surrounded by several large villages and well connected by rail with Zagreb, Belgrade, Budapest and Bosnia.
The Local Economy is based on trade, transport, food, building materials, wood and timber, metal-processing, leather and textiles. Farming and livestock breeding are also important activities and the town hosts a Crop Improvement Center.
Vinkovci and its Rail Station are featured in Murder on the Orient Express
History with a rich cultural and historical heritage, the Roman era Colonia Aurelia Cibalae was the birthplace of emperors Valens and Valentinian I. The thermal baths are still preserved underground, along with other Roman buildings located near the town center. After a period under Ottoman rule, Vinkovci became part of the Hapsburg Empire in 1687. Due to its strategic location, it was heavily bombed during WWII; its synagogue was among the largest and the most prestigious in Croatia. During the 1991-95 war of independence, the city was close to the front lines between Croatia and Serbia.
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The Autumn Festival Slavonians are known for their hospitality, folk customs and handicrafts. On this occasion, local women produce exceptionally beautiful and characteristic costumes that help preserve the area traditional culture and musical heritage.

Autumn in Vinkovci is one of the Most Important Folklore Festivals in Croatia

In September, over the course of a week, the festival features ceremonial carriages and decorated wagons. Young girls, women and men sing songs dedicated to their favorite animal, the horse. In the evenings, the local folklore associations treat you to games and amateur plays. During the last two days, they are joined by performers from the rest of Croatia as well as other countries.

Graffiti Jam International Breakdance Competitions and 3D Street Art

Local Entrepreneurs their products and services are on display during the morning hours, as part of the Festival’s three-day presentation of local businesses and their crafts.


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