Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Val Metauro Marche Italy

Nature History and Superb Culinary Tradition

Val Metauro is named for the rivers Meta and Auro that orginate in the Appenine Mountains and flows to the Adriatic sea. The hills of this ancient and historic valley overlook the seaside town of Fano and its historic center, rich in monuments and buildings dating from the Roman, medieval, renaissance and baroque periods. The Via Flaminia still connects Rome with this province; there is also a superhighway that parallels the ancient route.   

The Historic Borgo of Cartoceto Here, you can taste unique cheese products, experience the local goat farm and millstones where a DOP olive oil is produced.

Fratte Rosa is a hilltop borgo near the renaissance town of Urbino, famous for its clay products and boasting artisan shops dating back to the 18th Century that display products for decorative as well as domestic use. Here, you can also visit the Terrecotte Museum in the convent of Santa Vittoria, a winery to taste the three doc wines of Pesaro-Urbino province – bianchello, sangiovese and pergola rosso – as well as experience the local cuisine, rigorously and slowly prepared with coccio, the local earthenware utensils.

Stay in a Traditional Mansion, superbly located for wine lovers and seekers of a typical local food experience, in a fairytale setting dotted with castles and villages just a few kilometers from the Adriatic Sea and the Marche Appennine mountains. Terracruda is composed of four independent apartments with all the modern comforts in two villas and includes a swimming pool. 

A Unique Culinary Experience
Help prepare truffle dishes and other Marchigiano specialties in these magical surroundings. Ask our local partner Giorgia about upcoming food and wine events in the Val Metauro. 

The Furlo Gorge is part of a Natural Reserve park. The emperor Vespasian had a tunnel built here to facilitate passage on the Via Flaminia at the narrowest point of the gorge; next to it is a similar but smaller tunnel dating from Etruscan times.

An Open Air Museum featuring ancient arms. Mondavio Castle and Rocca Roveresca, a masterpiece of military engineering by Francesco di Giorgio Martini, architect to the Duke of Urbino, charged with the fortification and restoration of structures in the Montefeltro area.

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