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Veliki Tabor Castle and Museum in Zagorjie Croatia

Krapina-Zagorje County is located in northwestern Croatia, bordering with Slovenia, Varaždin County and Zagreb, with an extraordinary rich history and cultural heritage. No other part of Croatia offers as many medieval castles and fortifications, churches, abbeys, and archeological sites. The region also boasts five museums.

Veliki Tabor Castle is one of the best preserved late medieval castles in Croatia. Built by the royal owners and then given to the noble Rattkay family in the 16th century, it remained their estate till 1793. The oldest part of the complex was used as a residence and for defense. The semi-circular towers were built when firearms became an important element of warfare.

A newly renovated part and the central tower opened to the public in 2011 with the exhibitions: Veliki Tabor in the Light of Discovery and Age of Fortifications – Fort Vrbovec. They give general information on the history of the castle, their owners but also about the vast archaeological and restoration work of the site and in the surroundings.

Architecture seen from a distance or from a spot in front of the entrance gate, the massive towers and high walls are equally impressive. Beautiful views open on all sides to picturesque scenery of the region. You can escape to the past undisturbed and return enriched with the romantic experience of the former times.

For Information and Reservations

Discover the Way of Life in a Medieval Fortress

Listen to the stories of the owners and the tragic and unfortunate love stories like the peasant-woman Veronika Desinićka and count Friedrich Celjski.
   Go on a theme guided tour focusing on the Ratkay family who ruled over Veliki Tabor from 1502 to  1793 and their cultural and historical contributions
   Hear legends and stories about the Zagorje castles       
   Join a costumed guided tour providing a unique perspective on Hrvatsko zagorje   history from the late Middle Ages to the 19th century
   Learn about the Veliki Tabor fireplaces and how the castle was heated and the open fireplaces tiled with different motifs from late Gothic period to the Renaissance, and
   Art-conservation, restoration and archaeological research.

Veliki Tabor Workshops
Medieval Weapons – a costumed knight introduces children to medieval weapons and protective armor. In addition, there is a presentation of the making of protective armored clothing from metal knockers or the making of the medieval bow and arrow.
Archery – presents the use of bow and arrow and pointing to the target. Then, participants engage in a competition, followed by the announcement of winners and the awards ceremony with participants receiving written certificates.
An Introduction to Veliki Tabor – a workshop using a PowerPoint presentation on the importance of Veliki Tabor and its individual segments, constituting a unified late medieval fortification.  The second interactive part of the workshop focuses on children using wooden materials to construct Veliki Tabor Castle.
Puppet Making – guignol of Veronika Desinićka and Friedrich. Puppet performances for children by a travelling medieval puppet show, entertaining visitors with new performances.

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