Thursday, July 28, 2016

Capitalizing Marketing and Managing Community Projects

A Commercial Strategy with Economies of Scale Revenue Based Funding and Sharing
The Successful Implementation of Projects in one or more local areas rests on a clear plan to develop and implement a commercial strategy as well as the identification and application of the capital and human resources required.
A Key Objective is to achieve some measure of economies of scale in small towns and rural communities through the application of a team effort across multiple communities that share in the marketing and sales effort as well as revenue generating and sharing.
Self-Finance In Kind Payments Revenue Based Funding and Sharing
The Plan a central and revenue neutral entity is charged with the marketing and sales efforts of the participating local areas, separately and together, as well as the management of the in kind resources placed at its disposal.
The Central Entity participates in the capital formation efforts with its earnings and expenditures in the marketing and sales program; it also secures the liquidity resources required and appropriate to manage the projects.

Development and Enterprise Funds provide the resources necessary to implement capital projects and human resources efforts in the local areas. As each participating community completes its training and investment cycles, a new local entity is created to take over the central entity’s tasks.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Carlsbad California walking trails lagoons beaches mineral water spas and a mild Mediterranean climate

Carlsbad, California is an upscale coastal resort city with old-world charm in northern San Diego County with mild Mediterranean weather year round. Centrally located between San Diego and Orange County, it is a great location from which to visit the San Diego Zoo, Sea World, The Wild Animal Park, Disneyland and Knott’s Berry Farm. The area’s fertile agricultural lands produce citrus fruits, avocados and olives.

Trails Lagoons and Beaches with reserved open space to protect its natural setting and beauty, the city has miles of walking trails in its rolling hills and along its three lagoons. Carlsbad also has 7 miles of white sandy beaches with magnificent views and waterfront activities.

The Pacific Coast Lake Tahoe Deserts and Rocky Mountains
Carlsbad Mineral Water In the 1880’s spring water was discovered with qualities similar to those in Karlsbad in the Czech Republic; the spa is housed in a European-style building on the site of the original historic mineral water well. 
Agua Hedionda Lagoon is a saltwater wetland and watershed comprising mud flats, salt and freshwater marsh, and deep water; one of three lagoons: a 66-acre outer lagoon, a 27-acre middle lagoon and 293-acre inner lagoon.

Carlsbad is Home to the Nation's largest Desalination Plant

The Village Faire is the largest single day street fair in the nation, held twice a year in May and November; family entertainment with local and international food. 

Carlsbad California and the American West

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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Local Economies Connecting Globally

Tourism + Energy + Water
Local Green Economies,
Connecting Globally

Projects and Transactions marketed by the Arezza Network are implemented by TEMATourism + Environment Management Applications in collaboration with businesses, nonprofits and local governments, by

  • connecting your products and services in other communities;
  • developing and managing your local marketing, sales and after sales program in  
  •  established and growing urban and rural markets that are
  •  committed to sustainable practices in energy savings and water resources with
  • direct sales and P3s - Local Public Private Partnerships

A Collective Multidisciplinary Approach Increases Knowledge and Wealth in a Community

Benefits to Your Business Nonprofit and Community

Access to projects and transactions in new markets
Economies of Scale advantages that would not otherwise accrue to your operation and community
Technology Transfers and Training

What are the Costs

No Participation or other entry fees other than events where you may visit, exhibit and present your products and services.

Your Obligations to the Network

Provide and update timely information on your products and services. | skype arezza1