Saturday, October 18, 2014

Food Technology and Biodiversity at Expo 2015

best practices for a sustainable development

Food Security development and sharing with knowledge networks comprised of experts, scientists, researchers and technicians that address Expo2015’s core topics to discuss, share and transfer knowledge on global food security, and identify sustainable development policies and programs.

The Food Knowledge activities are divided into five main themes for research and innovation
  • Sustainable management of natural resources
  • Improvement in the quantity and quality of agricultural production
  • Socio-economic dynamics and global markets
  • Sustainable development of small rural communities in marginal areas
  • Food consumption habits: diet, environment, society, economy and health

The Biodiversity Park Project by Milan University’s Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Food. Agro-biodiversity is achieved in greenhouses that have been cultivated with plants coming from different continents and different eras that tell stories through their shapes, sizes, colors and smells. The path through the greenhouses and open spaces becomes a sensory experience which connects us to both the earth and the food. A digital interface provides an additional means of information. The dialogue between human and plant generates reflection, curiosity, memories, desires and knowledge.

a thousand plants and eight greenhouses
Agro-Biodiversity is the result of the coming together of culture and nature, an expression of the many civilizations that, over time, have found in various places on the planet many different ways to produce food and shape landscapes, with the aid of technical solutions. This achievement is recounted through seven stories that explore the history of agriculture and the origins of food and non-food cultivated plants from around the world.

How to Feed a planet with ten billion people with conservation and a sensible use of resources without compromising the overall health of the ecosystem. Attainable goals achievable through research and practices such as those utilized in botanical gardens during the middle ages.

Opportunities for You
As part of your visit to Milan during Expo2015, Tema will work with you to identify, manage and close sales and purchase opportunities with businesses, nonprofits and local government in food, energy efficiency and sustainable water resources projects.