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Salento Apulia Wellness and Cultural Travel Experience

The Salento Peninsula is located in the southeastern corner of the Apulia region of Italy. In ancient times it was inhabited by the Messapi a term signifying “land amid the waters” – the Ionian and Adriatic seas. Towns and villages are characteristically made of whitewashed houses in narrow streets with local handicraft shops, immersed in the green of the olive trees and vineyards, bordered by the typical dry stone walls.

Sun, sea and breezes during a summer season lasting from May to mid-October. The mild winters are always pleasant with plenty of sunshine. Year Round Holiday Weather!

The Wellness Program

Healing and Mysticism Participate in mystical and healing practices influenced by the local traditions:

1—Intention-Visualization Healing Workshop
2—Healing Visions—Inner Alchemy of Seeing/The Healing Power of Breath
  • Meditation and Workshops on Healing, Body Reading, Breathing and Health
3—Healing Visions—Outer Alchemy of Seeing
  • Meditation and Workshop on the Power of Art as a healing experience
4—Healing Heart—Music of the Spheres
  • The Troubadour experience and Inner Healing
  • Workshop on Music, Mystical Inspiration, and Healing

Bio Dances and Holistic Massages
Villa Cesarea is located in an enchanting setting along the Salento coastline, on top of four marine grottoes that are the source of its famed mineral waters. It is also a place of pagan and Christian legends. In the former, the waters were created by giant men made of fire and sulfur, whereas the latter, from which name the Cesarea is derived, is based on the young maiden Cisaria whose sacrifice purified and sanctified the waters.

Salentum Treatments body scrubs, face masks and massages with our local ingredients: Wine and Olives, Olive Oil, Blackberries and Pomegranates, Mediterranean Citrus Fruits.

Villa Diana in the midst of a beautiful park surrounded by age-old olive and fruit trees elegant apartments state of the art facilities and a biological garden. Nearby are cycle tracks (we provide the bikes) and an 18-hole golf course.

Baroque Architecture Food & Wine Traditions and Spectacular Coastlines

Cultural Itinerary
Lecce is over 2000 years old and renowned for its historic center and baroque architecture, stretching from Roman times to the 18th Century, the Acaya renaissance quarter, the Cavallino “Widespread Museum”, the Messapi archeological park and the MUSA University Museum. It is famous for its soft stones, ideal for making sculptures, as well as its ceramics products.

It is also a major agricultural center specializing in olive oil and wine, hence, numerous opportunities to experience the famed local wines and traditional cuisine.

Nardò second largest town in the region, takes the concept of sustainability very seriously; it is built on the local traditions and is especially manifest in food and wine as well as the arts and culture. The city’s monuments are characterized by different artistic styles representative of its long history. 

Boating Sailing and motor boating along two spectacular coastlines:
The Ionio Coast The old town of Gallipoli is on an island with ancient monuments, tiny streets, and churches surrounded by the pristine waters of the Ionian sea.
The Adriatic Coast Otranto is the eastern most city in Salento with magnificent sea views and monuments like Corigliano Castle and the Carpignano Byzantine Crypt.

Food and Wine Salento is a major agricultural center specializing in olive oil and wine, hence, numerous opportunities to experience the famed local wines and traditional cuisine.
Get acquainted with the unique cuisine of this region: puccia, friseddhre, pittule, rustici, pasticciotti and sweets made ​​of almond paste, accompanied by the local wines: Negramaro, Primitivo and Malvasia!

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