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A New Wellness Experience in the Euganean Hills and Veneto Italy

Fall, 2014. 7 nights/8 days program for up to 20 persons

Innovation, experience, care for the whole as well as for every last detail. A spa vacation is this and much more: a new possibility for living moments of true pleasure and relaxation, an occasion for restoring the body and regenerating the spirit.

The Euganean Hills area in Veneto is home to a newly-renovated, modern facility, able to offer all the latest novelties in wellness, specialized thermal medical treatments, technology and state of the art aesthetic treatments which cannot be found anywhere but here.

treat yourself to the regenerating power of mud baths and heat

Healing and Mysticism As part of your healing stay, you will participate in mystical and healing practices influenced by the local traditions.  We will enter the mystical worlds of Kabbalah, alchemy, the Troubadours, the Divine Mother, and the Saints for clues and experiences as to how these traditions were used for healing:

1—Intention for Healing—Intention-Visualization Workshop
2—Healing Visions—Inner Alchemy of Seeing/The Healing Power of Breath
  • Meditation and Workshops on Healing, Body Reading, Breathing and Health
3—Healing Visions—Outer Alchemy of Seeing
  • Meditation and Workshop on the Power of Art as a healing experience
4—Healing Heart—Music of the Spheres
  • The Troubadour experience and Inner Healing
  • Workshop on Music, Mystical Inspiration, and Healing

Thermal Mud baths are an ancient and effective remedy for preventing and treating minor and major physical problems, especially when performed by specialized professionals operating in appropriately equipped thermal treatment facilities.

Treatments with Abano and Montegrotto muds, operate in compliance with the Italian National Health Service System, offering remedies against numerous pathologies: osteoporosis, fibromyositic rheumatisms, traumatic lesions and consequences of fractures, orthopedic surgery, gout, rheumatisms caused by metabolic disorders, inflammatory rheumatisms, and numerous ailments of the respiratory system.
The Abano Wellness Center is the ideal place for rediscovering your psycho physical equilibrium. You will have at your disposal: the Spa, thermal treatments, wellness center, aesthetics center, fitness room, thermal pools and much more.

a complete sensorial experience to reach the source of wellness
                                                             Wellness in Veneto

The mud baths and thermal spring waters in this ancient volcanic area flow naturally from the bowels of the earth, offering you true wellness itineraries and a unique experience. 

SPA Services
Sauna The relaxing action of heat combined with the cleansing strength of water vapor. A remedy for stress by purifying your body of polluting elements eliminated through sweating.
Jacuzzi The massaging action of the water jets has numerous positive effects on the body, like renewed tonicity and elasticity for your skin, as well as an overall feeling of well-being.
Heated bench Relax in elegant setting, heated up to an ideal temperature.
Kneipp treatment Great curing effects that makes use of alternating jets of water at different temperatures; brings back vigor and blood circulation, deeply oxygenating the tissues.
Tropical rain and cold fog Toning and regenerating tissues. Cold fog is obtained thanks to special showers that combine cold air and water with chromo therapy using the color blu. The tropical rain is made up of warm water and tropical essences distributed in combination with orange chromo therapy and a light hydro massaging action.
Fitness area with personal trainer Get back in shape through physical activity attentively studied to meet your needs by our professional staff.
Thermarium A highly-effective treatment for its toning and relaxation properties. Immersion in an environment with a high percentage of humidity - around 90% - and heated to 45°, designed to combat stress and tension.
Aromarium The use of essences with a therapeutic aim is ancient and found in every civilization. The influx of odors on the central nervous system produces noteworthy curative effects capable of positively influencing physical, mental and spiritual processes.
Relaxation and herbal tea area. A neutral area ideal for having a chat while sipping from a wide selection of herbal teas.

Mioni Royal San Hotel 4* - Montegrotto Terme breakfast, access to thermal indoor/outdoor pool, Royal Therme & Spa Center, Technogym fitness center, Wifi.

Veneto Itineraries
If your idea of travel includes admiring, without being rushed and in total tranquility, masterpieces by Giorgione, Lotto, Palladio and Canova or spending a carefree day in the vineyards of Asolo and a Prosecco winery,  or experiencing a unique and high quality cuisine in the company of gracious hosts, then welcome to: 

Castelfranco Veneto strategically located in the heart of Veneto region, not far from Venice and Padua, in a little know but highly successful community comprising:

Ancient walled towns
Magnificent villas
Rare and little seen works of art
Countryside panoramas with lands that yield high quality food
Masterfully prepared by imaginative chefs

tourism with unique, unrushed and unexpected experiences
                                                       Veneto Wellness
Within a few kilometers are several Unesco protected grand villas and museums:

 Fascinating Borgoes Asolo, Arquà Petrarca, Castelfranco Veneto, Bassano del Grappa
Historic Venues Monte Grappa - First World War
The Arts Giorgione House Museum, Temple of Canova, Gipsoteca Canoviana in Possagno
Architecture Venetian Villas - Barbaro, Emo, Capra La Rotonda
Sports and Nature Paragliding over Monte Grappa, Mountain Biking  in Montello, the Colli Euganei and Sile River, Canoeing, Winter Sports in the Dolomites, and even American Football and Baseball in Castelfranco Veneto

Food and Wine Prosecco, Grappa, Tiramisù and Chicory from Treviso.

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