Monday, January 27, 2014

Tourism and the Environment Community Events

Tourism and the Environment Community Events
Fall, 2014

The Arezza Network of Sustainable Communities offers a series of 7 community events in Europe and the United States in the Fall of 2014 featuring presentations, products and services in:

Sustainable Travel Services     Energy Savings Programs
Water Resources Management     Local Typical Products

The Series Objective is to help connect your products and services with local businesses and government, museums and other nonprofits as well as develop and manage capabilities in these communities.

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Business Opportunities in cities and regions with established and growing inbound travel markets that are also committed to sustainable practices in energy and water resources.

Zagreb Croatia     Veneto     Salento     Campania     


Tourism + Environment - Perfect Together!

The Events have been especially organized for tour operators, destination management companies, hotel and other travel accommodations providers, software and training consultants, water resources managers, energy savings equipment manufacturers and experts, museum managers and marketers.

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