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Local and Regional Culinary Tours

Cooking Classes, Food &Wine Tours in Selected Local Areas and Regions

Sea, mountains, lakes, gourmet food and wine: the multi-faceted Veneto holds Italy's touristic primacy. Today the Veneto region is the most productive wine area in the whole country – think about the world known Prosecco Wine – and a unique area where the flavors of the genuine land products are lovely combine to create delicious dishes, both in a traditional and innovative way.

When natural products are put together to create a dish, the choice of ingredients and the way they are combined, cooked, and eaten all depend on your identity, your past, your lifestyle, and your social status. Our cooking classes will introduce you to the cuisine and flavors of Venice and its territory by explaining how these local dishes developed and changed over the centuries, and will demonstrate why we are still so enthusiastic about them today! You'll discover that history, experienced through the five senses, can embody the true spirit of the Lagoon, and the land, and become a lasting life experience.

You will learn to cook a savory Risotto al Radicchio, the sweet white asparagus or the tasty Baccalà. If you love fish you will learn to cook Corn meal with boiled baby Shrimps seasoned with Italian dressing or Homemade fresh Noodles with Basil Pesto and Scampi. You have heard of Tiramisù! Well, this fabulous dessert was born right in Treviso, just 40 km from Venice. You will learn all the secrets to make the real Tiramisù and other local desserts! 

Through our wine tours  your expert will also give you an overview of the issues regarding the current wine business, and show you the way winemakers are facing the world challenges by producing typical wines, without forcing the true nature of the original grapes.  You will learn from insiders and take a walk through the vineyards, weather permitting, in order to experience what "family traditions" really mean. Wineries have been carefully selected not only for the quality of the wines produced but also for the preservation of the scenery, the history of the family, the way traditions evolved, and how the past continues to shape the present.  
A Venetian Countryside Itinerary
Excursion to the medieval town of Treviso and walking tour through its narrow pebbled streets and chic boutiques. Learn the history and mysteries of the city called “The Garden of Venice” and have lunch in a typical restaurant. In the afternoon you will have time to relax, shop and enjoy the typical “Spritz” with “Cicheti” in a local “Cicchetteria”.

The Prosecco Wine Hills Discover where the real Prosecco wine is grown, visit local wine cellars and taste some of the best Italian wines. You will stop in a charming restaurant with a marvelous view over the hills, visit an ancient abbey and an imposing medieval castle. You will also have a walk in the city of “Cima da Conegliano” a famous painter of ‘500.

Cooking Class and Venetian Villas Participate in a typical cooking class and learn the secrets of the Venetian cuisine. You will also visit a charming Venetian Villa designed by Palladio and have a walk in one of the most beautiful medieval village of Italy: Asolo, a widespread museum.

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