Thursday, August 29, 2013

Travel to the US Mid Atlantic States

A Cultural and Educational Experience

Discover a rich historic heritage and sustainability in the:

Chesapeake Bay, Potomac and Delaware River Valleys

Family & Group Travel Our knowledge of these communities and our expertise in putting together personalized travel programs for individuals, families and small groups ensure a rewarding experience covering the history, traditions and culture, technological innovations and sustainable development in this part of the Middle Atlantic region of the United States.

Professional Enrichment Itineraries The Middle Atlantic Region is home to great local, state and national institutions and a highly trained workforce in government, the private and nonprofit sectors of the economy.

Planning Your Trip Tourism is a highly segmented industry: business travel, conventions and meetings, cruises, ecological, gastronomic, responsible, sustainable, ethical, and more. It assumes local dimensions wherever you go; programs and events are unique of the community and rooted into the local economy, its culture and traditions.

Cultural Tourism The activities that you, the visitor – local, or global –  select and irrespective of the length of your stay, are unique of the community you are visiting and rooted into the local economy, culture and traditions.

TEMA’s travel experts develop personalized travel itineraries based on client interests and preferences by leveraging:
• an in-depth knowledge of your destination 
• superior client service in the planning stages and throughout the trip or event and
• logistics expertise to reduce client costs, transport and transfer times.

Discover the Rich Historic Heritage and the Eco Sustainability of the US Mid Atlantic

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