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Community Tourism, Energy and Water Resources Projects in Jamaica

The Arezza Network, in collaboration with Countrystyle Community Tourism Network, supports the development of community tourism, energy and water resources projects in Jamaica and the Caribbean Region by:

o   educating stakeholders and new small entrepreneurs
o   contributing to poverty alleviation and sustainable development and
o   offering local and global visitors ‘community experience’ vacations and tours
o   promote partnerships with the public and private sector
o   building capacity in sustainable community tourism promotion and development
o   representing community enterprises and assisting them to develop their vision
o   assisting in the development and promotion of community tours
o   providing information for local and overseas visitors
o   facilitating investment and grant funding for community business projects

The Project enables communities to earn income by offering community tours; where local and international visitors experience the lifestyle of the villages, the people, the heritage, the culture, the cuisine and more. The program also provides training in energy and water resources management.

Sustainable Tourism Vacation Experiences include:

·         Village Experience Tours for an authentic taste of the community lifestyle
·         Home stays for a longer community experience, as well as
·         Theme Tours and Custom Vacations.

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Jamaica Communities and Itineraries

Beeston Spring is named after Governor William Beeston. The existence of a spring situated on the property resulted in the name Beeston Spring. It is a Moravian community – a movement introduced shortly after the abolition of slavery.

The Village Tour Enjoy a community experience tour with the citizens of Beeston Spring. You will be welcomed at Rena Lawrence’s bar with local refreshments, tour the 142-year old Moravian Church, visit the Bee farm and lunch with the community at the Brown family home. Also, entertainment by the Mighty Beestons Mento Band and learn how to do the Mento dancing!

A Community Experience spend a day in one of our rural villages in central Jamaica and experience the roots of our Jamaican heritage. You are treated to a community welcome in a private home where you will be entertained by both the young and old from the community while sampling local food. Walk around with the local citizens and discover the roots of rural Jamaica, old churches and more. Hear stories of Jamaica from the older citizens and enjoy genuine rural hospitality.

Marvelous Mandeville Discover the educational, agricultural and heritage center of Jamaica – the home of community tourism and a beautiful escape from the rush and stress. Enjoy an all-day community experience tour of “Jamaica’s Best Country Town” in the cool hills of Manchester, 2,000 feet above sea level. Learn about Jamaican culture, history, and way of life.

The Community of Resource located in South Manchester in the Canoe Valley contains a wealth of natural, cultural and archaeological resources, with a mixture of almost undisturbed natural habitats such as wetlands, dry limestone forest, mineral springs, rivers, mangroves and sand dunes.  Many endemic, indigenous endangered and protected species, such as manatees, crocodiles, sea turtles and numerous birds inhabit the area. 

Arezza’s local affiliates are ready to serve you with:

  1. a cultural tourism info point and events center for visitors from Arezza’s US and other international communities and the point of departure for walking, biking and other itineraries on the island     
  2. education and training activities in tourism, energy, watershed management for residents and visitors interested in starting a business or updating their knowledge and skills.      




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Your Personalized Visit to Silver Spring Maryland and Metro DC

Your Personalized Visit to Silver Spring Maryland

Montgomery County Maryland situated just north of Washington, D.C.  is one of the most affluent and educated counties in the nation. Most of the county's one million residents live in unincorporated locales such as Silver Spring, Germantown, and Bethesda. It is a part of both the Washington Metropolitan Area and the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan Area. The county is connected to Baltimore and the Nation’s Capital by metro rail and bus service.


Culture Silver Spring hosts several entertainment, musical, and ethnic festivals, including:
o    AFI Docs documentary film festival hosted by Discovery and the American Film Institute
o    the Annual Thanksgiving Day Parade for Montgomery County
o    Silver Spring Jazz Festival featuring local jazz artists, high school bands and jazz greats.

As a richly diverse ethnic community, dining in Silver Spring is also extremely varied with American, African, Burmese, Ethiopian, Moroccan, Italian, Mexican, Salvadoran, Jamaican, Vietnamese, Lebanese, and fusion restaurants, as well as many national and regional chains.

Silver Spring is located just North of Washington, D.C. and, besides the things to do and see here, this community is strategically located to visit the nearby capital of the United States, Annapolis –  capital of Maryland and home of the US Naval Academy - Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York – easily reached by car, train and air.

The local affiliate, Potomac Group, provides:

  1. a cultural tourism info point and events center for visitors from Arezza’s US and international communities and the point of departure for walking, biking and other itineraries in metro DC      
  2. education and training activities in tourism, energy, watershed management for residents and visitors interested in starting a business or updating their knowledge and skills. 
A key objective is to have families and small groups stay in the community, hosted by the local team of entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations.

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Il tuo Viaggio su Misura in America a Silver Spring Montgomery County Maryland

Montgomery County è ubicata nei sobborghi settentrionali di Washington, D.C. A parte le cose da fare e vedere qui, la cittadina di Silver Spring è una ottima base da cui visitare la vicinissima capitale degli Stati Uniti – 15 minuti di metropolitana, Annapolis – cittadina caratteristica, capitale del Maryland e sede dell’accademia navale, Baltimora, Philadelphia e New York – facilmente raggiungibili in auto, treno e aereo.

Cultura  il centro di Silver Spring è un punto di riferimento per attività artistiche e culturali come il Festival  per  Documentari, sponsorizzato da Discovery Communications e American Film Institute, la parata annuale per la Festa del Ringraziamento ed il Jazz Festival di Silver Spring  che presenta artisti, bande delle scuole locali ed i grandi del jazz.

In quanto territorio molto diversificato da un punto di vista etnico,  i visitatori di Silver Spring hanno l’opportunità di degustare la gastronomia di tutto il mondo: americana, africana, burmese, cinese, etiope, francese, giapponese, giamaicana, libanese, italiana, latino americana e vietnamita.

La affiliata locale, Potomac Group, è a tua complete disposizione con:

  1. un centro culturale e punto di incontro e riferimento per escursioni ed eventi nel territorio      
  2. programmi di formazione e istruzione in ambito turismo sostenibile, energia, gestione idrica e imprenditoria per start-up, pmi, enti locali e non profit.
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