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Rome Folklore and Traditions

Capena Viterbo Marta Oriolo Romano Gradoli Latina Frosinone
Rome on August 5 it snows in the eternal city. Rose petals fall on the congregation in the Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica. This event is a re-enactment of the snowfall that took place on the Esquilino hill on this day in 352, when the Virgin Mary indicated to Pope Liberio the location where the church should be built.
Capena before dawn, every January 13, a large oak log is lit. As the flames ember, all the citizens light up a cigarette; this very ancient tradition ends with a benediction of the animals and a parade of local horses dressed in vivacious colors
Viterbo celebrates Santa Rosa on September 4 with a procession led by a very large statue of the saint placed on an elaborate cart; the first one dates back to 1663. 
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Marta on May 14, a procession of the Chiesa della Santissima del Monte: a wooden stand is carried by four persons holding an image of the Madonna adorned with fruits and flowers followed by the clergy and citizenry parading in groups representative of their trades.
Oriolo Romano a unique celebration takes place on August 15 – Ferragosto; a long procession accompanies the statue of the Virgin Mary of the Star along the streets of this XVI Century medieval borgo, built as an ideal town by the Church, an early example of a planned community!
The Main Piazza is the Venue for a Rodeo by the Butteri of Maremma, the Cowboys of Southern Tuscany
Gradoli on Fat Tuesday, members of the Purgatory Fraternity, wearing black hoods, parade through the town’s streets led by banners and drums, knocking on doors to collect food for the Dinner in Purgatory eaten on Ash Wednesday.
Latina Tuesday is market day: bancarelle with new and used clothes, home furnishings, fruits and vegetables. Best day to visit is the first Tuesday of the month when, it is claimed, new and fresh stuff arrives! 
Frosinone a feast known as Radeca may have pre-Christian origins. Frosinone is a very old town and this event may have its roots in pagan fertility and procreation rituals. The long radeca leaf represents the agave, the ancient symbol of fertility. The event takes place on July 26 to celebrate an insurrection against the Roman Republic and the French army that protected it.

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