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Community Water Supply Planning

Water Consumption comes from a lake, reservoir, river or a groundwater aquifer via wells. Individually, we consume 80 to 100 gallons per day and the typical household 400/day. A Community Growth Management Plan ascertains the quantity of water that can be safely withdrawn from all sources under drought conditions; the available supply must then be compared with current demand as well as that with anticipated growth. If demand comes too close to safe supply quantities then the plan must recommend actions to offset a shortage.
Excessive Withdrawal Prevention is established with safe and/or sustainable yields of an aquifer’s water balance analysis. First, you calculate the amount of precipitation replenishing the water source during drought periods. Precipitation supplies are then subtracted from freshwater flowing into wetlands, streams and waterways that keep these aquatic resources healthy. Thereafter, all uses are accounted for: irrigation, industrial processing, cooling, hydroelectric and other.  The balance is the amount of water that can be safely and sustainably withdrawn. 
Water Consumption Growth is Limited to the Remaining Amount
Climate Change may have a substantial effect on future water supplies; studies indicate that the combined effect of precipitation declines and increased temperature may cause a 35 percent reduction in the amount of water entering rivers by the year 2040. 
Frequently Asked Questions does your growth management plan include:
criteria for assessing water supply adequacy
current drought-period water supply and demand
how water supply and demand will change with anticipated growth
actions for resolving water supply deficiencies and the factual basis for the effectiveness of each action
how shortfalls will be resolved with anticipated growth.
A New Plan for Your Area if your current plan is about to expire or rates poorly based on the Quality of Life Growth Management system, we can assist you in carrying out the outlined steps and/or conduct a community workshop and assist you in formulating a planning strategy for your community.

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