Thursday, July 28, 2016

Capitalizing Marketing and Managing Community Projects

A Commercial Strategy with Economies of Scale Revenue Based Funding and Sharing
The Successful Implementation of Projects in one or more local areas rests on a clear plan to develop and implement a commercial strategy as well as the identification and application of the capital and human resources required.
A Key Objective is to achieve some measure of economies of scale in small towns and rural communities through the application of a team effort across multiple communities that share in the marketing and sales effort as well as revenue generating and sharing.
Self-Finance In Kind Payments Revenue Based Funding and Sharing
The Plan a central and revenue neutral entity is charged with the marketing and sales efforts of the participating local areas, separately and together, as well as the management of the in kind resources placed at its disposal.
The Central Entity participates in the capital formation efforts with its earnings and expenditures in the marketing and sales program; it also secures the liquidity resources required and appropriate to manage the projects.

Development and Enterprise Funds provide the resources necessary to implement capital projects and human resources efforts in the local areas. As each participating community completes its training and investment cycles, a new local entity is created to take over the central entity’s tasks.

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