Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Tourism and Environment Community Projects

Community Projects that draw on the history, traditions and talents unique to your town and region to create new sustainable wealth and economic opportunities designed to:
Improve local knowledge and expertise,
Ensure accountability and responsibility by participants,
Educate visitors to respect local values and traditions,
Utilize market forces to achieve economies of scale and purchasing power, and
Generate capital resources for small enterprises.
Where history and culture, knowledge and learning, local citizens and visitors, the past and the future come together and, building on past achievements, create new opportunities.
How to Do It
Projects and Transactions are marketed by Arezza are implemented by Tema – Tourism + Environment Management Applications - in collaboration with businesses, nonprofits and local governments to 
Connect your products and services in other communities,
Develop and manage your local marketing, sales and aftersales program in  
Established urban and rural markets that are
Committed to sustainable practices in energy savings and water resources management with Direct sales and LP3s - Local Public Private Partnerships.
A Collective Multidisciplinary Approach Increases Knowledge and Wealth in a Community
Benefits to Your Business Nonprofit and Community
Access to projects and transactions in new markets
Economies of Scale advantages that would not otherwise accrue to your operation and community
Technology Transfers and Training
New entrepreneurs, existing small businesses, nonprofits and local government all working together in a laboratory designed to acquire and constantly update knowledge and learning skills resulting in a Sustainable and Full Cultural Immersion that is product and market oriented and generates new wealth for your community.
Travel Projects
Market and manage local services in collaboration with local partners, for business travelers and vacation groups seeking multi stop itineraries that cover regional history, culture, traditions and local flavors.
For a Personalized Travel Experience
Itineraries and Related Services highlight local attractions and client interests, including the outdoors, the environment and professional enhancement programs in the areas of energy, land use, conservation and water resources management.
Energy Savings in Your Community
Ready to Implement Green Power Projects cover the entire spectrum of services for energy production, including expert consultation, the supply of high-quality system components to ensure optimum performance over time, after sales maintenance and other related services.
We All Live inside a Watershed
A Watershed is an area of land where water collects to flow into a river, a lake, or another large body of water. Arezza provides training, work study and other professional enrichment, project development and implementation programs in watershed and water resources management.
Connect with Tema
For Tourism and Environment Community Projects
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