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Champaign County Illinois Chicago’s Countryside

Arts Culture Agriculture and Technology
Champaign County is nearly equidistant from Chicago, St Louis and Indianapolis; a thriving micro-urban oasis supported by local agriculture, technology and research and home to the University of Illinois.
The College of Agriculture, Consumer and Environmental Science is a leader in crop science, bioenergy and animal science. Farmer-owned Grain Cooperatives in America’s heartland and the Illinois grain belt; rich soils and modern farm practices produce record yields of quality grains. Ethanol and distiller’s grain production. Research in soybeans, from production to consumption, by the National Soybeans Research Laboratory. The National Center for Supercomputing Applications, whose Blue Waters Supercomputer is the largest and most powerful on a university campus and among the largest in the world.
Arts and Culture Champaign County's affordability and commitment to the arts have made it home to a large number of artists, galleries and festivals. From first run Indie films to big name bands and progressive countywide arts festival, Champaign County offers performing arts facilities and galleries like the second largest fine art museum in Illinois - Krannert Art Museum - with over 10,000 pieces on display. Discover over 30 public art sculptures, with many located right in the Downtown district. Head to Allerton Park & Retreat Center to visit their formal gardens showcasing nearly a dozen sculptures enhancing the stunning landscape.

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The Art Theater Co-op is currently housed in a 101-year-old movie theater in the heart of downtown Champaign, is a vibrant and welcoming space where audiences can enjoy a classic cinema experience, art house, independent, and foreign films. As the only independent theater in our community.

Agriculture with the richest soil in the world, and over 577,000 acres of farmland, Champaign County leads the way in farming and agriculture research. Visit large-scale farms and small local producers.  Taste the bounty at Prairie Fruits Farm & Creamery, Illinois’ first homestead goat’s milk creamery, and dine in Downtown Champaign, home to several farm-to-table restaurants. Shop local produce grown at the University of Illinois. 

The Sustainable Student Farm is a Small Scale Vegetable Farm
Taste some of the finest wines produced in the United States at Alto Vineyards, along with gourmet foods, a large selection of cheeses and local artwork.
Technological Innovations the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is charged with enhancing the quality of life through leadership in learning, discovery, engagement and economic development. The first web browser, LED, plasma displays and the MRI come out of Champaign County. 

Explore the rapidly growing technology industry at Research Park, home to Yahoo!, John Deere Robotics and Caterpillar Research. Learn how stunning 3D visualizations help scientist interpret information or design and innovate on your own at the Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab, a small-scale workshop for computer-based innovation, design and fabrications. 

A Land-Grant Heritage Pioneering Innovative Research to Tackles Global Problems
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