Saturday, February 6, 2016

Travel the Environment and Your Community

Arezza develops, funds and manages sustainable travel, environmental and community economic development projects in collaboration with local partners. The word is from the dialect for a fishing net; in Italian, “rete” is the word for network, representing communities working together to achieve common goals.

Drawing on the History Traditions and Talents unique to your Town and Region

Our Mission to create new sustainable wealth and economic opportunities in your community by:
Improving local knowledge and expertise,
Ensuring accountability and responsibility by participants,
Educating visitors to ensure respect for local values and traditions,
Utilizing market forces to achieve economies of scale and purchasing power,
Developing markets for products and services,

Focusing on sustainable projects in tourism, energy efficiency and water resources,
Generating capital resources for small enterprises,
Partnering with nonprofits and local government to reach into a community.

Personalized Travel Experiences
Sustainable Travel locally managed services and personalized itineraries that focus on culture, gastronomy and wellness, superior client service and logistics expertise that reduce time and costs.
Planning Your Trip assumes uniquely local dimensions wherever you go; the activities that you, the visitor – local, or global –  select and irrespective of the length of your stay, are unique of the community you are visiting and rooted into the local economy, history and traditions. TEMA develops personalized travel itineraries based on client interests by leveraging an in-depth knowledge of your destination, superior client service in the planning stages and throughout the trip or event as well as logistics expertise to reduce your travel costs and transfer times. | skype arezza1
Energy Savings and Water Resources Management Solutions
Projects that focus on energy efficiency and conservation measures, as well as water resources and watershed management that ensure community growth in respect of the environment.
Tourism Energy and Water
A global network of public entities, private businesses and nonprofits working together locally and collaborating with other communities to create new business and employment opportunities.

Professional Enrichment Programs focus suburban sprawl, declining water quality, diminishing water supplies, vanishing agricultural land, loss of historic character, wildlife habitat degradation, and threatened biological resources. Learn to:
Protect and conserve land and water, natural, cultural and scenic resources;
Improve site planning and design to support resource conservation;
Enhance awareness and knowledge of conservation approaches.
If you are in local government, are a developer, landowner or in business and are interested in expanding your skills in these areas, please contact us for a no obligation travel and/or training plan.

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