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Nature History Art and Typical Foods of Abruzzo Italy

The Abruzzo Region is located in central Italy and is known as “Europe’s Green Region” for its many National and Regional Parks. It is also home to the highest peak in the Apennine chain - 3,000 meters - and a rugged territory with several plant and animal species that have avoided extinction, including the chamois, wolf and Marsica brown bear, the eagle, lynx, otter, griffin, as well as species otherwise typical of northern tundra like the rodent snow vole and the charming dotterel all of which biologists define as glacial relicts.
These residues of flora and fauna that inhabited the Mediterranean area during the last Ice Age owe their survival to the high altitudes of the Abruzzo mountains. But you don’t have to choose between the sea and mountains because here you will find everything, from the Tronto river at the northern geographical and also historical boundary with Marche, down as far as the Trigno and the border with Molise, the coast offers mile upon mile of wide sandy shores, steep bluffs and maritime pine groves.
From the Tronto to south of Pescara, the coast is uniform: a steady golden strip, wide and welcoming soft sands; from the mouth of the Foro river, the coastline changes to cliffs, rich with harbors, reefs, coves and long sections of shingle, that roll back into wide sandy beaches as you reach Vasto and the Molise boundary. So the characteristic feature of this shore is variety, with settings and environments for all tastes. This twofold peculiarity of the riviera, as well as the very geographical conformation of the Abruzzo hills, create a tourist district that is utterly unique and which offers some truly exclusive aspects: a coast that is the gateway to the region and two very complementary local realities, coexisting in just a few kilometers of territory.
Abruzzo is a region that knows about preservation: that is the best way to sum up its spirit. Discovering the extraordinary landscape, strolling through the stately ancient towns and villages that have stood on hilltops since time immemorial, are the most immediate impact is of a region that has successfully preserved many of its original features, in an untouched environment where human presence is rooted in the mists of time, and a reciprocal and respectful balance has emerged.

Discover Abruzzo’s Castles Churches Borgoes and Small Museums
Places to Visit

Pescara easily reached with its airport, railway and bus station; it is also known for its Summer “movida”  with many discos and pubs on the beach. Walking Tour of the city’s  architectural gems -  Liberty Villas, “Museum “Ex-Aurum”, an old liquor factory that now hosts exhibitions, conventions and weddings. “Gabriele D’Annunzio hometown museum”, “Genti D’Abruzzo museum” the most famous ethnographic museum of the region.

Rocca Calascio is home to one of the most beautiful castles in Abruzzo, both for its shape and its location isolated like an eagle’s nest on the summit of a mountain that dominates a spectacular view and is perfectly integrated into the landscape, a feature common to most monuments in Abruzzo. Some of the old houses have been restored.

Santo Stefano di Sessanio, once a neglected borgo but now, thanks to an entrepreneurial idea and renovations, an Albergo Diffuso, an innovative concept launched in Italy in the early 1980s as a means of reviving small, historic Italian villages and town centers by converting historic buildings in a small community. Just as important, local artisans preserve the identity and the culture of the region. During the first weekend of September, the lentil festival “Sagra delle Lenticchie” celebrates the famous brown lentils.

Atri A historic center full of monuments, palaces, characteristic streets and squares all in the Middle Age style, including the Cathedral - started in 1260 and finished in 1305 - and the Church of Santa Reparata (1355). These churches preserve their original Middle Age exterior aspect but inside they were retouched during the baroque period.

Typical foods of this area are: pecorino cheese, arrosticini, honey, liquorice, extra virgin olive oil and pan ducale cake, rigorously accompanied by local wines.

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