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US and Italy Arts and Culinary Traditions

Tourism Destinations and Learning Experiences
Personalized Travel Programs for families, schools and theme groups with educational workshops, food & wine itineraries and visits to museums, medieval villages, nature parks and archeology sites.
Cultural Heritage and Local Museums
Give meaning and purpose to the objects on display in museums and art galleries as they disclose the historical and archaeological heritage of a community, leverage conservation and the rediscovery of cultural heritage through the arts, history, archeology, literature and architecture, preserve biodiversity and rediscover cultures associated with agricultural, coastal and river communities. Visit our US and Italian destinations for unique vacation and learning experiences:

United States

Learning by Doing. Preserving and Divulging the Cultural Heritage of Your Community
A community museum is a virtual or real, indoor or outdoor authentic experience representative of and rooted in the local history and traditions of a territory.
It works best with informal, friendly interactions between guest and host
Participants are new entrepreneurs, existing small businesses, nonprofits and local government working together in a laboratory designed to acquire and constantly update knowledge and learning skills.
The result: a sustainable and full cultural immersion that is both product and market oriented and generates new wealth for your community.
Culinary Experiences
There are several fascinating examples throughout America and in Italy of a resurgence in farming that cater to an ever increasing demand for local, quality and sustainable food, wine and ale consumption.
In US Communities it is fueled by downtown and residential development and a demand for urban farming as well as nightlife and weekend amenities for local citizens and out of town visitors.
In the Washington, DC area, both in the US capital city and its suburban communities, the local economy is driven by government spending, highly educated and environmentally conscious citizens. Here, the community of Silver Spring has undergone such a transformation and is excellent base from which travelers can take in the sights and monuments of the capital and beyond.
Similar experiences that provide a uniquely local food, wine and ale atmosphere, along with with historical and sustainable attractions, can be experienced in Southeastern Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia Neighborhoods and in the Hershey Harrisburg and the Susquehanna River Valley.

In Italy, opportunities to taste and learn are everywhere but especially in the smaller towns and in medieval villages of:
Campania the ancient Romans called this region of Italy Campania Felix. Then and now, Happy Campania is famed for its ancient ruins, coastal resorts and world renowned culinary traditions. A cultural and national capital for much of its nearly three thousand year history, Naples is home to art museums, the San Carlo opera house and a spectacular bay framed by Mt. Vesuvius, affectionately and fearfully referred to by the local inhabitants as The Monster. more  

Marche is slowly being discovered as the new Italian frontier; an abridged expression of the varied charms of Italy with a variety of attractions offered seasonally and year- round, including: authentic foods, breathtaking landscapes, a lively cultural landscape, artistic and natural treasures. more  
Arts and Gastronomy in Ferrara
Celebrating the Cultural and Culinary Traditions of Emilia Romagna
Weekly Courses, available year round, designed to acquaint you and expand your knowledge of the arts, culture and cuisine of Ferrara and the Emilia Romagna region of Italy.
The Cooking Classes take place in Ferrara restaurants, the balsamic vinegar program in Modena and the Fresco art course at the Belriguardo Museum.
The Art of Fresco Making Your program includes visits to Sala della Vigna, Palazzo Schifanoia, Marfisa and other venues to view examples of Ferrara area frescoes. Under the guidance of your art maestro, you will have a chance to practice your newly acquired knowledge by creating your very own frescos.
Escorted Itineraries to visit the local small museums in or near Ferrara that are representative of the region’s Renaissance Traditions and its modern, industrial achievements, such as the Lamborghini Museum. Children Workshops are Available at
Belriguardo Castle
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