Saturday, July 4, 2015

Small Town Museums

From Farmhouse to Fruit Museum
The Fruit Capital of Italy Massa Lombarda, near Ravenna, received this appellation in 1927 as a result of the efforts of Adolfo Bonvicini (1854-1916), an early 20th century entrepreneur and creator of the local fruit industry. The town also boasts a Civic Museum with an Art Gallery and Public Library.

A Local Farmhouse was restructured to display the tools and everyday objects typical of rural culture while the stables were transformed into paths dedicated to the culture of life, wheat and hemp.  
The Museum also presents documents relating to the birth of the first workers cooperative, some of the farming tools, including a scaled sorting machine, and artistic labels painted by famous artists of the period.

A Civic Museum and Municipal Library
Also located in Massa Lombarda, it opened in 2007 and it is named after Doctor Carlo Venturini (1809 – 1886), a native of Massa Lombarda, who practiced medicine throughout Central Italy and was a member of several prestigious international associations.

The Art Gallery includes works from Doctor Venturini’s eclectic collection, including Greek, Etruscan and Roman ceramic vases and bronze objects, rare Punic stelae, the Renaissance era coins of Francesco D'Este (1516-1578), as well as the Doctor’s everyday objects and personal effects.  Also, works of a religious nature by Gian Battista Bassi, Angelo Torchi, a Garofalo, a Bastianino and a Rembrandt.

The Civic Museum is recognized a "Quality Museum" by the Emilia Romagna Region.
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