Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Travel Destination Italy

Cultural Itineraries Food & Wine Experiences and Wellness Programs

Travel Itineraries locally managed services and personalized programs that focus on culture, gastronomy and wellness, superior client service and logistics expertise.

Vacation Rental Properties

Food as Culture giving visibility to Italy’s traditions, creativity and innovation in the food sector, without neglecting health, safety and nutrition issues; technology and nature working together.

Show Cooking and Wellness Events designed to inform the consumer on the benefits of a healthy diet, promote the use of local food ingredients and many other health and wellness practices.

Communities and Projects a network of public entities, private businesses and nonprofits working together, drawing on the history, traditions and talents unique to the towns and regions of Italy by:
·         Improving local knowledge and expertise,
·         Educating visitors to ensure respect for local values and traditions,
·         Developing markets for products and services,
·         Focusing on sustainable projects in tourism, energy efficiency and water resources,
·         Generating resources for small enterprises.

Connect for a Culture Food and Wellness Experience in Italy
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