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A Show Cooking and Wellness Experience in Your Community

Wellness Truffles Italian Recipes and Local Cuisine

A three day event in your community designed for food lovers, experienced chefs, well being seekers and practitioners comprised of a two day show cooking experience that focuses on Italian food specialties with truffles and a third day, in collaboration with local restauranteurs, dedicated to the pairing of your community’s typical foods and wines with truffles

Food and Wellness
The Key to Well Being an interactive community wellness program; food and wellness, well being in the workplace. Forging relationships that result in a greater sense of community. Acupuncture, Yoga, Nutrition, Massage, Workplace Wellness, Education and more.

Truffles and Italian Recipes

About Truffles edible species present in Italy and elsewhere, seasonality of the truffle, cultivation, best preservation practices, basic sauces with the summer black truffle. Preparing: beef carpaccio, tartar of exotic tuna, pineapple, breast of chicken with a mixed salad, cheese fondue bread croutons with black truffles, ragu’ and truffles, braised scallops with cream of lentils and black truffles.

Wines and Truffles our sommelier will guide you through and you will have a chance to taste a selection of appropriate wines to go with the all the recipes being presented.

To a Show Cooking and Wellness Experience in Your Community

Pasta and the Italian Cuisine semolina, egg and stuffed. Types of flour and starches, preparing yellow egg noodles and egg noodles with cocoa, preparing, cooking and serving risotto with truffles, and legumes with meat and fish dishes. 

Find out More about Truffles and Itineraries in the Marche Region of Italy

Local Food and Truffles meet the chefs from your community during the third day of Show Cooking in your Community. Join our chef in reviewing and tasting local typical dishes prepared by restauranteurs in your community that have been truffled, accompanied for the occasion by local wines.

For a Show Cooking and Wellness Experience in Your Community

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