Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Community Small Business Development Fund

small businesses, nonprofits and sustainable community projects

Tema markets and manages travel related services, local typical products and environmental projects in collaboration with local suppliers via Arezza that links communities around the world. Our program includes an economic development effort designed to create small businesses and support nonprofits in these communities as well as fund energy efficiency and water resources projects.

Your contribution to one or more local development projects you elect to make to one or more specific local areas will be utilized to fund our:
  1. enterprise fund designed to support the formation of new local businesses or in support of of local nonprofits that help manage our projects, or
  2. pay for a specific project in the areas of tourism, local typical products, energy efficiency or water resources management.

Tema develops local communities in the United States and Europe that focus on sustainable cultural, gastronomic and wellness tourism services, typical local products and environmental projects in the areas of energy efficiency and water resources management. A major objective of the program is to expand collaborations among the communities, including the exchange of know-how, technology transfers and related training as well as aggregations, efficiencies and economies of scale.
In addition, to achieve our marketing and sales objectives in each community, and as a precondition for participation, local businesses and nonprofits are asked to contribute in kind capital – products and/or services – to help capitalize planned projects.

These efforts will be more successful with your input and participation. We invite you to share:
  • your knowledge, expertise, talent and resources to help fund and carry out these projects
  • the information we are making available, including via the Indiegogo share tools!

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