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Milan and Italy Travel Program for Expo2015

May 1 to October 31, 2015

Expo2015 Themes

As part of your visit to Milan during Expo2015, and the other locations featured in this travel program, Tema works with you to identify, manage and close sales and purchase opportunities with businesses, nonprofits and local governments in food, energy efficiency, water resources and other sustainable projects. 

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Milan Design, Fashion and ShoppingMilan is a global capital in industrial design, fashion and architecture. As the commercial capital of Italy and one of Europe's most dynamic cities, it accounts for the lion’s share of the fashion trade, with some of the most renowned fashion houses headquartered here. Its upscale fashion district- quadrilatero della moda – and Galleria (world’s first shopping mall) offer the best shopping opportunities anywhere.

Tradition, Creativity and Innovation in the food business are Milan’s Expo 2015 themes.  For a complete experience, your visit to the Expo Pavilions requires a full day. The exhibition area recreates the typical “food cycle” of each nation, from production to consumption. The center of the avenue is occupied by tables where visitors can sample the foods produced in the pavilion of each country. Also, bioclimatic greenhouses function as thematic pavilions and for the cultivation and production of basic foodstuffs used in the individual country pavilions. 

Water is an important element, with a large navigable canal surrounding the Expo site.

Visits to Milan and Italian state of the art manufacturers including tours highlighting innovative approaches with water resources management, the use of heat pumps in buildings and other energy efficiency practices.

Piedmont and the Langhe blog link Turin and Piedmont have a long and sophisticated culinary tradition. You will visit the Langhe region whose vineyards have been recently bestowed with Unesco’s World Heritage Site appellationA traditional environment where innovation makes the difference with the celebrated Barolo Wine and the Alba White Truffles, along with Ruché, a vine variety recovered in the past twenty years and now producing a superb wine. Also, innovative beer masters and cheese manufacturers are giving life to new tastes. You will experience all this and more in local restaurants and visits to local vineyards. All this in an idyllic setting of sloping hills and ancient castles.

Veneto Region - blog link. In the heart of the Veneto Region, not far from Venice, there is an area made of ancient walled cities, amazing villas with magnificent art masterpieces, gentle and fascinating landscapes that offer high quality products which become tasty dishes through the hands of skilled chefs.   

A plunge into Medieval Times in Grappa Country Cittadella is a small fortified town surrounded by a completely intact city wall with a path running alongside the moat which offers a picturesque view. A wonderful example of defensive architecture, Cittadella's walls form one of the best preserved medieval military structures in Europe. Visit Marostica, its upper and lower castle overlooking the main square where the famous human chess game is played each September. Finish your daily excursion in Bassano del Grappa, a beautiful town which has gained international fame for three characteristic symbols: the Ponte degli Alpini (Alpine Soldier Bridge), Iacopo da Ponte and its fine pottery and the real Grappa, along with a tour of the Grappa Museum.

The Prosecco Wine Hills, Conegliano and Treviso On this day, you will journey on a fascinating drive along the Prosecco Wine Hills: you can admire a stunning landscape, stop in a wine cellar, taste the best Prosecco and have lunch in a typical restaurant. Take a walk in the town of Conegliano, home of the first Italian oenological school - 1876. Your day ends in Treviso with a stroll around the narrow pebbled streets, lined with small boutiques and medieval buildings.

Marche Region blog Link In the recent past, the Marche has been singularly focused on wealth creation and economic development, albeit with very little disturbance to the quiet way of life favored by most of its inhabitants. The marchigiani’s initial reticence to travelers belies the shy, genuine disposition of its hard working people.


Baroque Architecture Food & Wine Traditions and Spectacular

Coastlines. This peninsula is located in the southeastern corner of the Apulia region of Italy. In ancient times it was inhabited by the Messapi a term signifying “land amid the waters” – the Ionian and Adriatic seas. Towns and villages are characteristically made of whitewashed houses in narrow streets with local handicraft shops, immersed in the green of the olive trees and vineyards, bordered by the typical dry stone walls.

Salento is an agricultural center specializing in olive oil and wine, hence numerous opportunities to experience the famed local wines and traditional cuisine.

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