Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Food and Culture at Expo2015

a social occasion to sustain the food traditions from different cultures

Imagine yourself are at the center of a food chain that is more autonomous and sustainable thanks to the use of new technologies. The interaction between consumers and products becomes transparent with the sharing of information, reflecting on how food is produced, distributed, prepared and consumed in the future with a network designed to interact with products and producers in order to develop a greater awareness of what we consume.

Food as Culture gives visibility to the tradition, creativity and innovation in the food sector around the world, without neglecting global health, safety and nutrition issues in a culture where technologies and natural elements co-exist, creating a unique and interactive supermarket experience where everyone can be a producer and a consumer with the use of smart technologies in the kitchen.

Pavilion Zero – is a representation of human history through symbols and myths, of the different stages of evolution and the relationship with nature, from the domestication of animals and plants, to the tools to work the land and conserve food, the transformation of natural landscapes as well as the culture and rituals of consumption. The pavilion represents a part of the earth’s crust with the outline of land with mountains, hills and a central valley. Inspired from the Euganean Hills located between the cities of Padua and Vicenza in Veneto Region where warm waters emerging from the Albano and Montegrotto Terme are proof of the shallow magma movements that create such a striking natural landscape.

Projects for Children in collaboration with Milan’s Children's Museum: a place of culture, and a culture for thinking. It offers and fosters relations and exchanges between individuals and the themes which are the basis for Expo2015 with a site dedicated entirely to children. A Children's Park designed to increase their awareness on the issues of food and sharing and a learning experience to help them understand the topic of sustainability through stimulating and fun activities. The concept of the Children’s Park is that only through the knowledge of others, respect of the environment and by working together can we solve some of the major challenges that our planet is facing.

Opportunities for You
As part of your visit to Milan during Expo2015, Tema will work with you to identify, manage and close sales and purchase opportunities with businesses, nonprofits and local government in food, energy efficiency and sustainable water resources projects.