Thursday, July 14, 2016

Local Economies Connecting Globally

Tourism + Energy + Water
Local Green Economies,
Connecting Globally

Projects and Transactions marketed by the Arezza Network are implemented by TEMATourism + Environment Management Applications in collaboration with businesses, nonprofits and local governments, by

  • connecting your products and services in other communities;
  • developing and managing your local marketing, sales and after sales program in  
  •  established and growing urban and rural markets that are
  •  committed to sustainable practices in energy savings and water resources with
  • direct sales and P3s - Local Public Private Partnerships

A Collective Multidisciplinary Approach Increases Knowledge and Wealth in a Community

Benefits to Your Business Nonprofit and Community

Access to projects and transactions in new markets
Economies of Scale advantages that would not otherwise accrue to your operation and community
Technology Transfers and Training

What are the Costs

No Participation or other entry fees other than events where you may visit, exhibit and present your products and services.

Your Obligations to the Network

Provide and update timely information on your products and services. | skype arezza1


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