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Mozzarella Olive Oil and Wine

Food & Wine – Amalfi Coast

Mozzarella Olive Oil and Wine
Carinola & Caserta Province

The fertile territory north of Naples in Caserta Province has historically been a major contributor to food production in the region from the days of ancient Rome.

The Farmers Museum in the medieval borgo of Carinola is situated in a 15th Century palace and presents exhibits with details on the special relationship between this land and its people with: 

·         songs and dances by minstrels and cantors,
·         tasting and making the local specialties

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Mozzarella, perhaps the most famous local food product and a major export, is made with artisan skills from buffalo milk into ovoline, ciliegine, trecce and ricotta, among others.

Olive Oil is another local tradition. The flavor, appearance and unique characteristics of this territory’s extra virgin olive oil - fruitiness, bitterness and spiciness – as well as various natural factors, influence harvesting, cultivation and production, a strictly artisanal undertaking.

Falerno Wine the hills above Carinola present near ideal conditions for wine making. The Falerno vines originated in this area and are still hand cultivated in local vineyards, continuing a tradition recognized since ancient Roman times.    

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