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Venice Lagoon and Brenta River Boat Tours

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Venice Lagoon and Brenta River Boat Tours

Murano is a cluster of islands connected by bridges, world-renowned for its glass products. Its glassmaking industry began in 1291 when the city of Venice moved the glass furnaces and the glass artisans here to avoid the risk of fire to city buildings and also because of the smoke.

Burano is a fishing village famous for its lace. In the 16th century, Burano’s lace was the most sought after in Europe. Explore this island with its brightly colored houses - certainly the most picturesque of the lagoon’s islands.

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Venice  is comprised of 118 little islands intersected by 150 canals and linked y 400 bridges. Among the neighborhoods to choose for your visit: Cannareggio – Ghetto, Santa Croce, Miracoli,
San Zanipolo, Rialto, Frari, Dorsoduro, Giudecca and Castello, among others. 

Fishing Tour  in the Lagoon south of Venice

Brenta River Cruise to visit palazzi like Villa Breda, Villa Giovanelli and Villa Pisani.

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