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Venice Isles Food and Wine Itinerary

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Venice Isles Food and Wine Itinerary

A Guided Tour of Venice Half-day walking tour and discover of the most famous sights including St Mark’s Square, St Mark’s Basilica with its terrace, Rialto Bridge, the Dodge’s Palace and Ponte dei Sospiri. Time to relax, shop and enjoy the typical “Spritz” with “Cicheti” in a local venetian “Cicchetteria”.

Venetian Cooking Class & Wine Tasting After an overall introduction, our expert cook will teach you how to prepare the local dishes and entertain you by analyzing the intriguing fragrances, the exotic origins of some ingredients, the cooking processes as well as answer your questions about the products being used. Classes are held in a Palazzo apartment in Venice or in a Liberty Villa at the Lido beach, a fascinating bathing resort with tall trees and gardens traversed by several canals. 

A memorable day in Venice you are not likely to forget!

Exclusive Wine Tasting in an typical bar or in an ancient Palazzo on the Grand Canal, held by a professional Sommelier presenting various wines, telling you intriguing stories about the history of the place, showing you the “Piano Nobile” floor, experiencing the lifestyle of a Venetian aristocrat!

Excursion to Murano & Burano Escape the crowds of Venice and unwind on this full day isle trip! The tiny islands of Murano and Burano offer a rare glimpse into what Venice used to be – an island of traditional artisans where skills have been passed down from one generation to the next for centuries. So close, yet worlds away from crowded St. Mark’s Square. Your tour begins with a short, comfortable boat ride to Murano where you’ll get the full island experience. 

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An appreciation for the ancient art of glassblowing; live demonstration and do it yourself!
Next stop is tiny Burano, famous for its lace making and for the colorful houses crammed along its canals (so painted by fishermen who wanted to spot their homes from a distance). Visit a small building where women sit stitching lace the old-fashioned way, just as their mothers and grandmothers did before them. After this introduction to the island, take your time to admire delicate lace in the museum, shop for keepsakes or wind your way along the kaleidoscopic streets.

Burano is by far the most photogenic spot in Venice
Euganean Hills & Wine Tasting Leave Venice for a while and enter the fascinating backcountry! Discover the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills, a natural area dotted with small villages, vineyards and cute typical “osterie”. You will visit a family-owned wine cellar and drink its sparkling wines: an extraordinary experience to meet local people and taste genuine products. Experience the amazing ancient village of the Poet Petrarca, unchanged since the 14th  century.

         A journey into the Venetian past!

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